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Importing large volume of photos

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  • Importing large volume of photos

    Have had this happen on occasion before, but this is not working today. Running 2019 version and importing pics from event yesterday. Attached pic shows the error and qty imported before failure. Anyone have a suggestion on how to get the import to go smoothly? I have been able to import 4K or 5K with no issues.


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    I typically notice this if I try to catalog a large number of files over attached storage.

    To avoid this, I typically do my cataloging on a local drive. Then, using ACD Manage mode, move them to network storage (which also updates the database accordingly).


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      I did from both SD card and a local NVME drive on the system. Both failed in similar fashion. It has even failed importing only 9999 files (image limit per folder on Canon EOS DSLR).


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        GusPanella got a valid point. I have found the best option to be to keep all pictures on an external fast SSD drive, where the pictures are saved in format YY/MM/DD.

        The database is on a different drive SSD drive. Disk fragmentation is important. Not as simple on SSD drives, but still important.

        HHeinisch It sounds to me that the limit is you Canon EOS DSLR not ACDSee Ultimate? I have not looked at the details, but I always try to run on the latest released software. I understand you are running ACDSee Ultimate 2019.

        When importing into a picture repository I have found that you need to awake to avoid duplicates. It is so easy to import a memory card twice, then you could have a big clean up job in front of you.
        I find it best to import pictures first to a transfer or holding area. Then I work on them, delete pictures I will not keep. When I am happy with the pictures in the transfer directory, I import the pictures to my large picture repository. This gives me better control. I have never had problems getting pictures of a CD card. I got plenty of large SD cards. I have not experienced a limit in the number of pictures on the SD Card. I am on Canon equipment too. Import the picture more of then?


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          For speed, once you get local NVMe storage, you will wonder how you ever tolerated external SSDs.

          As far as the 9999 file test, I am not sure.

          My workflow:
          ACD is set to index a local folder > Use OS to create new sub-folder > Use OS to drag/drop files from device into sub folder > ACD indexes files

          Although maybe not the most efficient, this process has worked well since 2006. Coupled with card maintenance, it could be one of the reasons I do not experience duplication or import failures.