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  • mogle
    Improve the way to set Categories. Let's say your category is: Places/United Kingdom/London/Regent Park. In the current GUI you need to select all of these categories individually. This can easily be improved. By clicking on the last selection. Regent Park, all the parent categories are automatically set. Small things like this make a big difference.

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  • mogle
    mala You got several good suggestions there. If you have seen some of my posts, you can see that I sadly have to say I am no longer a big fan of ACDSee. PicaView was great. The GUI, menu options, help text, number of bugs, random bugs, inconsistency in how the application is design the list goes on.

    Let's spin some of your suggestions.

    Face detection.
    - Some times or often it is not finding or identifying a face. There are some settings where you can change the accuracy. Draw a "manual" face, and give it a name should be simple. The detection algorithms could then, later on, use that fact.
    - Link a face or name found by face detection with a manual setting of People under Catalog. This could act like a 'Macro' as you state. I cant see how you can search on name or faces found by Face detection. So what is the point with the current functionality? Let's make an example. The face detection found a face you call the fellow 'John Smith'. At the same time, you link the face detected 'John Smith' to your People Catalog, People/Friends/John Smith. There should then be a setting if you want this to append for all, or only for confirmed face detection faces. This would be a great enhancement. You then be able to filter by or search for pictures where 'John Smith' exist.

    Manage Mode, Properties Organize
    - I find it difficult or more likely randomly impossible to select a set of pictures and update them with the same categories, keywords. IT works some times, other times not. The problem is you are not told when it is not working. Looking back, after spending a few hours updating pictures with categories. A whole bunch of them, that you believe you updated hold no catalogue settings.I classify this as a random bug. You can safely only add catalogue settings, keyword picture by picture. That is very time-consuming.
    - Copy meta-data is a great idea. Personally I first call it meta-data when the details are embedded in the picture. In View Mode, there is a Filmstrip on the bottom part of the screen. I can see something like you make picture X as a master. Then copy the category settings from that picture. Keep in mind that you afterwords need to embed the pictures.

    Improve search functionality
    The search functionality under Manage Mode is simply awful. There are several issues. You cant build up search strings like AND, OR. You don't know if you are searching in embedded picture details or details. It would be nice to be able to specify that.

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  • mala
    started a topic Entering Metadata Improvements/Suggestions

    Entering Metadata Improvements/Suggestions

    I am using ACDsee just for cataloging my images. It does a reasonably good job but it could be a whole lot more efficient if:
    • When you manually draw a rectangle around a face let users enter the name without first having to click into the text box. It should be possible to just start typing after you finished drawing the rectangle around the face.
    • Allow recording 'macros'. For instance I want to have a short cut that allows me to copy GPS Coordinates. With the current implementation I can get a short cut to Copy Metadata but then I still have to uncheck IPTC and ACDSee Metadata to copy just the GPS coordinate.
    • Let me copy certain IPTC data from one image to another by dragging one image onto the other one. For instance when a drag image A onto image B it will copy the GPS coordinates from picture A to picture B. When I press Ctrl and drag image A onto image B copy the keywords from image A to image B, etc.
    • Tools->Map->View on Map is disabled if one image doesn't have GPS coordinates. Just show me a warning that one or more files don't have GPS coordinates and let me continue to the map displaying the images that have GPS coordinates. Maybe make an option to skip that warning in the future.
    • Let's assume ACDsee didn't mark a face. Let me left click on the face and then ACDsee tries to draw a box around the face. If it was wrong let me cancel out of it with a single keyboard click and draw it manually.
    • When I click into the text box to add a name to a face let ACDsee order the options by probability rather than alphabetically. So when I type 'J' the first option should be the most likely match where the name starts with 'J' rather than listing all names staring with 'J' in alphabetical order. Some people might disagree with me on this so make the behavior an option, i.e. list in alphabetical order or list by most likely match.