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Zooming Where The Mouse Cursor Is

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  • Zooming Where The Mouse Cursor Is

    Often I need to zoom in to a particular part of a picture. I am using the standard Ctrl + Scroll Wheel for that. However, in ACDsee this just zooms in from the center of the image and then I have to pan around. This is not very intuitive at all, actually very confusing. Can you please implement the STANDARD windows implementation where Ctrl + Mouse Wheel zooms in on the position where the mouse cursor is located.

    Edit: Btw, this is how all smart phones and tablets work. When you want to zoom in to a particular part you place two fingers (usually thumb + pointer finger) to the position you want to zoom in and then 'expand' your fingers. This will zoom in on the position you targeted. It's very intuitive. Yet, ACDsee for some reason thinks they need to put the zooming point in the center of the screen rather than where the mouse cursor is positioned. This is really frustrating as it adds so much more work.
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    That would be nice!
    I noticed that when I make a single click on an image with the mouse in View mode it will immediately zoom to 1:1 to the point where I click,

    But if I'm in Develop mode or Edit mode then I can't do that. The ctrl-mouse wheel zoom could start where the cursor is, like it does with a single click in View mode.
    And if the cursor is not on the image then I suppose it could default to the current zoom behaviour and zoom into the middle.
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