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Feature Request: Geocoding Improvements

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  • Feature Request: Geocoding Improvements

    I am heavily using (reverse) geocoding. ACDsee goes into the right direction but makes the process very inefficient. Here are some suggestions:
    • Select multiple pictures/directories and allow automatic reverse geocoding for all images that have GPS coordinates. As it is I have to select every single image and do several clicks to do reverse geocoding. If I know a few images will result in the same address I can do this for all those images but it is still a VERY LABORIOUS task taking tens or actually hundreds of hours for the images I need to do this. If automated it could take minutes and this could be included as part of the import workflow.
    • On the map there are "Save All" and "Reverse Geocode" buttons. One has to actually reach to the mouse and click on those buttons to activate them. There are no keyboard shortcuts to activate them.
    • ACDsee lacks the option to geocode images, i.e. add GPS coordinates of addresses that were manually added to the metadata of images. I understand that no precise GPS location will be possible with this approach but at least give us that option.
    • I often accidentally move a 'balloon' on the map. There doesn't seem to be a way to reverse such accidents. Instead I have to discard all edits.
    • When I select an image it shows up as a yellow balloon on the map. However, as soon as I zoom in that yellow balloon disappears and instead I am shown a bunch of red balloons with different locations. I have no idea in which red balloon the picture is located, i.e. to which balloon I need to zoom in unless I click on the image again. This is rather inefficient.
    It's good to see ACDsee had reverse geocoding but it is very inefficient and it also completely missed geocoding (converting addresses to GPS coordinates)

    Please like the post if this is something you would like as well.
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    WRT Geocoding multiple images: I'd like to see improvements here too.
    For example, if I select 50 images all in CA and reverse geocode, then I'd like to have either:
    #1: Each image geocoded individually. (Preferred option!)
    #2: Scope the geocoding -- geocode all the images with the same Country and State, but don't set (or modify) City and Location.

    Maybe even in the Save/Cancel confirmation dialog - allow me to edit -- have a checkbox by each field to control if something will get written to the images or not.
    Also in the Save/Cancel dialog, highlight any fields that would have multiple values (SanFrancisco vs LA for instance).


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      I don't know where the difficulty lies in reverse geocoding a batch of images that were not taken in the same location, or else all the photos will be geotagged based on the GPS data of the first image.
      What I can say is that with PhotoMechanic (used by many press photographers), the problem is similar.

      Maybe we will get an explanation from the developers.


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        I suspect you are looking for a batch type process where a group of images could be selected and reverse geocoded based on the GPS co-ordinates, maybe without the need to actually show their location on the map..

        Perhaps that might be done with a selected group of images in a similar manner to the current embed metadata process, where the dialog at the end of the process shows the number processed and the number successfully reverse geocoded.

        Presumably the routine would have to handle situations where some individual images in the group had no GPS location co-ordinates, or where the GPS co-ordinates could not be reverse geocoded to a local address, as might be the case where photos were taken from a boat out at sea), or where Google has yet to have its maps for an area linked to local addresses, and also perhaps photos taken in countries where there are no Google maps.

        I would be relatively sure that many users would not be happy with a summary that said 100 images processed, 22 reverse geocoded successfully. 78 failed, and would want to know why the ireverse geocoding failed on individual images, so the user perhaps would need to be able to list the individual image by their filename, and a reason for each failure..

        But I have a suspicion that the reverse geocoding in ACDSee may be part of the google mapping api itself, and there may be no provision in the api to do batch reverse geocoding.

        Whatever the case, there is no guarantee your suggestion for product improvement would be picked up from the forum post, so I would suggest you raise a Support Request at setting out your proposed improvement. At least that would ensure it gets some attention.