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    As per the title. Is there any way to create a version of a photo. To edit it and keep the original. I sometimes like to edit the same photo in different ways.

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    Develop Mode has a feature called "snapshot" that i use for that purpose. It is located at the top of the Develop editing tree. Click on the icon that looks a little bit like the blades of a camera lens aperture blades.


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      Instead of snapshots, I still prefer hard links for my raw files.


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        I will look at both 'Snapshot' and 'Hard Links'.

        I am old fashion. I save the picture under a new name normally, by adding _v2, _v3 to the file name. The _v tells me that I have modified the picture and saves a new version of it. I use the same naming convention of other stuff too. Excel files, word docs and more. Simple and works well.

        I have been thinking of creating a separate keyword or something like that. It will make it easy to search for pictures where I have done some changes. I have not come down to that jet. Is something already exist I will give it a go.


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          In most ACDSee save menus you have both a "save as" and "save a copy" option for doing what mogle proposes