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How can i see contents of folders in manage mode

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  • How can i see contents of folders in manage mode

    Sorry for the really basic questions:

    I have my photos stored on my Synology Nas
    All stored in a "My Photos" main folder, then each year has a folder, then each year folder contains a month folder

    E:\SynologyDrive\My Photos\2020\02
    E:\SynologyDrive\My Photos\2019\12
    And so on

    If i want to Tag, or Categorise numerous photos spread over the course of a couple of months (or years)
    How do i get the contents of the folders to show, rather than the Folder Icon.

    So i could open the 2019 folder and see and be able to tag, categorise and rate all the photos taken over the course of that particular month or year, at the moment if i browse to and open the 2019 folder all i see is individual folders for each month.

    If i go into photo view i can sort of get the view i want but cant see a way to get the categories of properties panes to be available.

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    I am most likely not the right person to respond, but I have used ACDSee Ultimate for several years and quite intensive for the last few months.

    I got my pictures organised in a similar say. All my picture are on an external drive P:\Photoe\YYYYY\MM\DD\File name. I use the catalogue, keyword, face detection quite intensive across all my pictures. I cannot understand your problem.

    Are you talking about using the Photos Mode with Timeline? That is the one mode I am not using. I will give it a go.

    I use Manage Mode, View Mode, Develop Mode and Edit mode daily. All my categories, keyword and more are across those modes. Photo Mode, I never got anything out of that! That might be why I don't understand your question?

    When I am looking for pictures I start with Manage Mode. Then filter me down to the year/month I am looking for. Or most likely I use the keywords. The same with View Mode.

    Then back to your question. Photo Mode. I got the timeline on the lift starting with 2003, my first digital pictures. Clicking on Catalog - obs. I needed to set the directory I wanted to include. Strange. I added the root directory. It is now running 'Catalog Files' from root. That will take days to complete, with the number of pictures I got. Strange - all my pictures are already catalogued. Well, there have been some issues with some folder, where I have done a re-catalogue on smaller folders. I will not cancel the operation but let it run. I like the tab called 'Show Orphan Files', that could solve some problems I got.

    I hope my comments helped you....


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      Maybe this will help: The folders pane which I think defaults to being upper left in a standard workspace works a little like standard windows. If you select one folder, scroll to a different folder and shift-click you should see all the images of the series of folders, if you control-click you should see the images in the first and last of these.