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acdsee 2020 did lost the nondestructive oroginal data from older acdsee pro

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  • acdsee 2020 did lost the nondestructive oroginal data from older acdsee pro

    I have older pictures and in picture view there is on older files no circle see that the image is edit. when i show the picture in large and press o i can not see the original version. i test the 2020 demo ultimate and i use a new catalog but the files are in same folders as older versions.

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    Have you tried Tools, Database, Catalog Files?

    If your catalogue, keywords and more are embedded in the pictures. This should bring things back?

    What is import files vs. Catalog files? More or less the same thing, except for with that you are not moving any files. Only grabbing the metadata from the files you got in the database. When doing things like this it is always good to have a backup and or trying it out on a smaller volume of data.


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      when i want load the old database with 2020 it come an error illegal region version. so i get the idea that it is maybe important to use same language version.the previous acdsee i buy all was english versions, because when i buy there was no german version. now i test later the demo and the installer install me a german version, no choose. but anyway it should recognize the xmll files and original images folder so i can develop this pictures with 2020 feautures or change them. 2020 have not much new options for develop as far i see.

      i deinstall the german version and i choose on acdsee page english as language. then i download acdsee ultimate installer again and now it install english version and it recognize my old develop pictures from acdsse pro 7 and 2018. It is important to buy the same language version as before.

      Seem a bug that other language versions can not read the files ?.


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        I think we are talking about a few different issues here.

        My earlier comment was related to meta saved in the picture file. If the pictures are updated with the meta-data and you later perform a 'catalogue files' Your keyword, places and more should again be available in your instance of ACDSee. This should be the case, whatever language of ACDSee you got installed.

        The comment from user4711 is related to the database you are running. If an old database was in german, I would not even try to load that database in an English install of ACDSee. It a more commercial business multiuser product it would probably work, but I would have been sceptical. The database ACDSee is using is not that advanced, I would also think the implementation and testing of multi-lingual technology of a product like ACDSee is limited.

        If your old database is German - stick to German. There might be tools available that could convert the database language, that is a different topic.


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          i did not understand what the database have something to do with the language. and if the database is not compatible in diffrent languages the installer of acdsee should allow to choose language version also the shop should tell clear if i buy english or german version. maybe it is a bug they do not notice before. are you from acdsee support ?


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            user4711 I am not representing ACDSee Support, I am a regular customer of ACDSee.


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              Originally posted by user4711 View Post
              i did not understand what the database have something to do with the language.
              To be honest, so do I :-)

              You might want to use your old English version and embed all meta data. Then in your German version, create a new db and catalogue all files again.


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                I test only the demo of german version. I deinstall german and test english version. If somebody from acdsee support read here, please let know if this is a bug or is it that diffrent languages do not work ?.


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                  Hi user4711,

                  The ACDSee metadata database is designed to be based on language of the ACDSee version you use. So as Email suggested, please embed the ACDSee metadata in the English version first, and then in the German version create a new database and catalog the files.

                  Note if your ACDSee German demo is of the same version of the ACDSee English you previously installed, please uninstall that English version after embedding metadata there, then install the German version and catalog the files with the new database.

                  Hope this helps.


                  ACDSee Customer Care


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                    That doesn't really anther the question behind. Doesn't AC fully support unicode. Where's the catch? (As we say :-)