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in picture Fullscreen view display of property on/off is not store

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  • in picture Fullscreen view display of property on/off is not store

    In acdsee pro 2018 or older the property panel stayed open. but since 2-3 months or so, the panal is always close when i go from manage mode to view mode fullscreen. this problem is in 2020 same. I see no option for this. maybe somebody here know how this property panel can stay always open when i switch to fullscreen view mode ?

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    Hello user4711 - I tested your issue, and I can't duplicate your problem on my system. Everything works fine for me. I would suggest that you uninstall and re-install the ACDSee software just to rule out the possibility of software corruption. Post back with your results.


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      In fullscreen click ALT + Enter to display properties.


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        I have fresh install 2020 ultimate demo. yes i can show with alt+enter the properties. but when i double click in fullscreen picture to go to manage and double click on small picture in manage to go to fullscreen, after gone to fullscreen the propertie is not show. try to disable it when you see always propertie. same happen when i enable with alt+enter propertie in fullscreen and switch with F back to non fullscreen and then with F again to fullscreen

        But i notice now that i need enable the panel in none fullscreen mode and then it is always show in fullscreen


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          Top left look at Panes and check the Properties box.


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            Hi user4711,

            It sounds as though you have figured out the solution, but I will just clarify. Fullscreen View mode will take the current layout of non-fullscreen View mode, and subtract the default elements (e.g. Filmstrip, Info Palette, and the top bar). So in order to permanently display the Properties pane in fullscreen, you need to have it visible in non-fullscreen. As far as I can see, this behavior is identical in Ultimate 2020, Professional 2018, and Pro 10.

            Tristan H.
            ACD Systems