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menu entry for delete layer is disable. and more not enable

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  • menu entry for delete layer is disable. and more not enable

    I put some images from filmstrip in the layer pane. for some of them i like create a mask. but menu set mask white and other mask menus can not choose. they are dark grey.
    then i want delete a later add layer(was not main layer). the menu delete layer can not choose. a menu entry for delete mask i did not see. there is also main menu select. it is not possible to load a selection i have create and save before i add another layer to the image. undo layer create do not work, there is nothing that can undo

    Only when i draw a selection then the menu come. it take me years to find the problem. first i thought ultimate is not finish. that a selection is need to enable delete layer or set mask to white is unlogical and hard to understand. when i move from filmstrip another image to layer pane selection is delete and many menus are disable then again. it is then not possible to do delete the mask of the mask in other layer or delete the layer.

    then after i draw my selection i choose menu Mask from selection. then it is move to layer. now i select the mask image and draw more selections. this additions are not display in the mask image. I see no menu add selection to mask

    The question i can not solve is how i can add the new selections to the mask of the image ?
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    When you drag and drop images from filmstrip as layers the Move Tool gets activated by default. When the move tool is active a lot of options are disabled. You can exit this state by switching to another tool or by hittiing the commit button as shown in the screenshot below.

    Click image for larger version

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    Is it possible that the issue you are facing is this one?


    Shakil H.
    ACD Systems


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      ah yes thank you, this is the problem. it is really hard to understand. maybe to make it more easy for users to understand, there can be in the manual stand . when the move mode is enable some Layer menu functions are disable. if you want delete a Layer choose other mode than move or resize canvas


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        Thanks for the recommendation, will pass it on to the Development team.



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          can you also tell a solution how i can do later selctions add on a existing alpha layer that is create with "add selection to mask" ?. i think when i select the alpha layer or layer (that contain a mask) , the selection must be copy to the alpha channel mask, because it is important that later can change something in layer too. I notice the paint tools work to paint on alpha layer but with the paint tools can not do smart brushing as with the brush selection tool


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            Sorry, I am not sure that I understand the issue. But I would like to provide some general information regarding selections and masks that might help you.

            1. Selections are global. What I mean by that is when you create a selection it affects all layers and layer masks.

            2. Once you have a selection you can modify it further. For brush selection you can left click to add to the current selection or right click to subtract from the current selection. For all other selection tools you can use the options shown in the screenshot below to move the current selection, and add/subtract from it too.

            Click image for larger version

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            3. Once you have a selection that you like you can right click on layer thumbnail and select "Mask From Selection." . Then if you modify the selection and want the mask to reflect the change, delete the current mask and create a new one using the same "Mask From Selection." option again.

            4. On the other hand, if you modify the mask and then want the selection to reflect that, you can use the mask's right click context menu options shown in the screenshot below:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Snapshot 2020-03-12 14.37.02.jpg
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            I hope this helps with your situation.


            Shakil H.
            ACD Systems


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              ah selctions are only global. so selections and smart brush selection tool is not usefull. What i wish to do is composing layers into main layer image. so i need a mask only for this layer i want merge into main picture. This should be easy editable as with the selection tools smart brush. the problem is, i see no smart brush paint tool simular as the selection smart brush. or is it somewhere ?. there need a intelligent paint tool that paint not over color borders.

              there are also some good photoshop tools here that can create masks with hair for a layer. maybe you can suggeest such a tool that work with acdsee ultimate 2020.

              EDIT: I try filterforge 9 and it crash with this message <class XFW::StateError> The control <class Controls::Control>@000000000CB6EE50 has no window handle. seem acdsee give no handle to window. there is 30 days demo
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                You can use the Selection Brush with Smart Brushing enabled and then paint with the paint brush to achieve the result you want.

                If you do not wish selection brush to modify your current selection you can save the selection and load it back.


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                  please look at the cheap photoshop elements. this have a smart brush that modify direct the layer mask . when select something with this smart brush the layer mask is automatic create and after every change with smart brush the layer mask is update. this work since 5 years im photoshop elements. you can look on this old video at 3:38 min. Seem acdsee ultimate have lots of nice feautures but the important feature acdsee team forget. that smart brush work easy on layer mask.please add this feature soon. i wish in future not use photoshop elements and acdsee 2020 can replace in all except not easy working smart brush. maybe a good working smartbrush feature can add before 2021 acdsee.
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