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  • color shift

    It's hard to show constant color images with the variety of format changes and viewing monitors but this isn't far off. I have a NEC PA271W calibrated monitor and U2020 Build 2033.

    The image on the left is the 1st generation TIF from NEF. With no change in settings, the image on the right is a TIF image generated via "Save As" with a slightly different name. The locomotives have a known distinct color for comparison.

    What am I - or the software - doing to cause this color shift?


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    Hi Dave,

    Can you kindly try something for me? Go to View mode and enable Raw Decode as shown in the screenshot below:

    Click image for larger version

Name: - Remote Desktop Connection 2020-03.png
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    When this option is turned off, the Compare Images feature shows Embedded Jpegs instead of the actual Raw file. Enabling this should match with the Tiff file generated via "Save As".

    Let me know if it does not fix the color discrepancy.


    Shakil H.
    ACD Systems


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      Sorry for the delay in answering - caught up in travel.

      I usually leave RAW decode enabled but I followed your recommendations with another image just to make sure I didn't inadvertently change something.

      In this image (w RAW Decode enabled), I simply cropped the NEF file and saved the result as a TIF file shown on the left. The right side image is a "Save As" copy of the 1st TIF file.

      The 1st TIF more or less is the same as the NEF image; the 2nd obviously isn't. It seems "Save As" is different than "Save"??? Doesn't make sense but fits the evidence. Maybe something else is going on in the background.
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        Try this
        Options > Color Management > Enable soft proofing > [uncheck]


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          Dave, from curiosity: does it make any difference for you if you use "save as" versus "save a copy"?



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            Gus: Other than the normal differences with soft-proofing, I didn't see any effect
            Niels: I haven't tried that (didn't think of it); I will do so ... but ...

            I tried this same experiment using ACDSee2019 ... and I didn't observe this problem as shown in the attached image: to the left is 1st generation TIF, to the right is the "Save As" copy. I'll investigate further but the problem seems to be with the 2020 version.

            Can anyone reproduce this same effect?

            Some more experimenting but I'm leaning towards putting 2020 in the dumper and reverting back to the 2019 version.

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              If you want to go back, I would recommend Ultimate 2018. The program is much faster.


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                Hi Dave,

                Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the issue. If you can please let me know the following information it would be easier for me to narrow the issue down:

                1. What is the camera make and model for the Raw files?
                2. Where are you saving the first Raw to Tiff file, and the second Tiff to Tiff file from? Are you using the Save > Save As command in View, Develop or Edit mode?
                3. What are the color profiles in both Tiff files?
                4. Is the color difference noticeable only in the Compare images window, or is it noticeable in Develop and Edit modes as well when you switch from one image to the other?

                If you can kindly provide some sample files too that would be really helpful.


                Shakil H.
                ACD Systems


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                  Hi Shakil

                  Q1: Nikon D800e
                  Q2a: TIF1 saved to source directory
                  Q2b: TIF2 copied from and saved to source
                  Q2c: Save As from Develop
                  Q3: 48-bit ProPhotoRGB
                  Q4: All 3

                  I think you couldn't reproduce it because you didn't overlook something like I did. Oops. Problem's been bothering me for quite a while ...

                  Gathering the information for your questions led me to believe the problem is probably an example of the most common: operator error.

                  Q3 had asked for the colour profile which caused me to note that the 2nd TIF did not have an embedded profile ("N/A"). When I caused a 2nd generation copy to embed the profile, the colour issue went away. I would guess that is the problem ... and is one problem with not double-checking settings for each process (slap to side of head ... perhaps an indicator could be provided if settings are changed from operator "default"?)

                  Thanks for your assistance. It forced me to look at details I had over-looked.