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Categories, Keywords, Collections, Saved Searches. Hobbyists, how do you use these.

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  • Categories, Keywords, Collections, Saved Searches. Hobbyists, how do you use these.

    I am just starting out with ACDSEE and have watched all of the meagre amount of video tutorials, but none of them go down to the real Nitty Gritty indepth explanations of each one.
    I've read a lot of the answers on here, I'm not stupid, but some of the explanations go right over my head.

    I thought if someone could explain how they use these and even better some screen shots that would be really helpful.

    Really need more in depth explanation of ACDS metadata and IPTC. Also Categories, Keywords, Collections, Saved searches, (in fact searches in general)

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    Originally posted by Riverboat2001 View Post
    Really need more in depth explanation of ACDS metadata and IPTC. Also Categories, Keywords, Collections, Saved searches, (in fact searches in general)
    Welcome to ACDSee forum.

    Looking back to when I was a new user, I had and still got questions related to those key components or concepts of ACD. Reading and posting here moved my own knowledge forward. The help pages and official advice from ACDSee are very limited. ACDSee got their own way of doing things that do not support the IPTC standard if you like. Why it is designed the way it is and how it is best used should be answered by someone from ACDSee.

    Take your time to create your categories and keywords. Everyone got different requirements. If often comes down to what type of searches you are going to make. It is no right or wrong answer.

    I am one of the users who find the search functionality within ACDSee incomplete and inadequate. It is also slow when you got a large number of pictures with a complex set of categories and keywords. I am currently not using Collections and Saved Searches. Since I find the search functionality limited, I got no joy of saving the search.


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      Riverboat2001, I'm also an ACDSee neophyte. You're right. The videos don't go into as much depth as we'd like. The manual that ACDSee provides on its website helps, but the biggest aid I've found is this forum which makes me aware of all kinds of functions (both problems and solutions) that I may not have been familiar with beforehand.

      mogle, before I bought ACDSee several months ago, I researched to make sure that ACDSee was IPTC compliant, in case I ever decided to replace it with another organizing app. I was told that ACDSee is totally IPTC compliant for that purpose. What am I missing here?


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        IPTC Compliant... The answer seems to be yes... but only when when using the IPTC fields... ACDC Categories are different.

        My number one requirement is lowering (limiting?) vendor lock-in
        embedding metadata and IPTC tools are two options that seem to work between many tools

        ACDC Categories seem special to ACDC, so I stay away from both the use and the (marketed?) advantages.
        (Sorry ACD, they seem to cause db speed issues and are not portable, if it was my company, I would deprecate this option)

        Thus, I use the IPTC fields and rely on metadata, but do NOT use ACDC Categories. Over 160k images that work between ACD and multiple OSS tools.


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          GusPanella Thanks for this valuable info. I'm familiar with IPTC fields, but don't know how they relate to ACDSee categories. In other words, as you pointed out, there's a difference. With regard to keywords, as long as you're consistent and stick to a set list, isn't that as far as you can go with ACDSee or any other organizing app?
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            Select a photo > Properties - Metadata tab
            There should be a "+" sign next to something marked IPTC
            Whenever you are worming or editing things in this tab, it is adjusting the IPTC metadata.

            If you are in "categories" under the "catalog" tab, then you are in the ACD categories.


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              TO add a bit more clarity... and this is confusing (or at least it is to me)....

              If you are in the "Catalog" tab, there is also a dropdown for keywords.
              If you are in properties-metadata > IPTC, there is also a keyword field....

              Although both labeled "keyword", it took me a while to figure out they are not the same thing.


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                GusPanella If I'm interpreting your comments correctly, is it correct that whatever I insert in Catalogs is more of an ACDSee feature and not necessarily transferable to another app. But If I enter keywords in the IPTC area(s), it is IPTC "standardized" and thus, more "portable" or "transferable." Have I got it straight Gus?


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                  That is exactly how I use the IPTC feature. Like you, I want to avoid software lock-in. Both IPTC and the emerging metadata XML seem to cross the boundaries between tools.

                  It would make sense to me if the ACD "Catalog" would work with metadata XML, but it doesn't seem to work that way for me.
                  Thus, I stick with the IPTC editing field.

                  I have tested against opensource and other tools. The IPTC information changed in one goes back-forth to the other and vice-versa.


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                    You could use ACD Cataloging and then later use a Metadata preset to convert the ACD info to IPTC. Here is a forum thread about doing it.


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                      I have been using the ACDSee categories forever because they allow me to use a hierarchical organization. For example for location (my camera do not have GPS so do not use that) I have a tree of Caribbean - Barbados - St. Lucy - Forsters, and I can have other things in St Lucy, other parts under Barbados, etc. The Hierarchical keywords I have never tried but they do not seem as developed. If I ever will want to switch provider, I will investigate the conversion threads I have seen, but until then ACDSee is delivering a functionality I do (or at least did not) not see elsewhere.



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                        njlarsen I can to some degree agree with you. I still would like to expect more from ACDSee.

                        The original post from Riverboat2001 asks for advice for search in general. This is an area where there is room for improvements. Search for Catalogs, Keywords and more is not that intuitive and the functionality is to some degree limited. For most people, we spend time organising our pictures with Catalogs, Keyword, Places and more so we later can search and later find our pictures.

                        I regularly use two different ways of searching:

                        Panes Search or Freetext search

                        From the top menu, select Panes, Search. On the right side of the screen, you now got a search panel. 'With the text' you can search what is normally called free-text search. There is also a possibility to search on specific properties.

                        This is also the only search I have found that works with Face Detection. If you in the free-text field type in the name of the person. You should find the picture. Search persons, faces that have been detected can really be improved.

                        Preview Catalog

                        In Manage Mode, on the left side of the screen, you got the Preview Catalog. If you have made a good hierarchical set of Catalogs, Keywords and more. You can click on the 'Down arrow' for a level and get all pictures under that hierarchical three. Remember to check your setting. You can swap between Match All or Match Any. Match All give the option to search on combination of different Keywords and Catalogs.

                        If you are used to SQL search and flexibility. The search functionality are limited. Some improvements could be made, but I am afraid the database functionality is limited.

                        When you got your search result or thumbnails some people might find the Filter, Group or Sort options useful. Personally I have played with these settings without finding them particularly useful. Every time I am using them I am missing:

                        - AND, OR and more complex searches.
                        - A better way handling file formats RAW, JPG.


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                          mogle I do agree that the search functionality is limited, which is another reason I like the categories where at least there is the option of all or any.


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                            Originally posted by njlarsen View Post
                            mogle I do agree that the search functionality is limited, which is another reason I like the categories where at least there is the option of all or any.
                            The option for all or any helps. It would be good with a more advanced option. I think the underlying database got some limitations.


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                              If it helps you I use keywords to describe the contents of a photo. For example I have a hierarchy of Nature at the top level, Plants, Animals, Weather, at the next level down. Within Plants I have Trees, Flowers, etc. within Flowers I have Daffodils, Tulips etc. Another hierarchy is Buildings and within Buildings I have Churches, Barns, etc.
                              I use Categories as a way of grouping together photos of a similar type, for example all photos taken with my Nikon D7000 or my EOS M5 camera. Another category would be all HDR photos or photos created using focus stacking. I find the ability to search on categories and keywords when they are applied consistently is very effective.
                              Clearly how you use these depends on your style of photography but using keywords to describe a photos contents works very well for me.