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Aliasing and banding in Gradient tool and brush

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  • Aliasing and banding in Gradient tool and brush

    I experienced some aliasing and banding whenever I used the gradient tool or brushes in ACDsee Ultimate 2020 Develop mode. May I know how to reduce this problem.

    I am attaching a screen shot for reference.

    Thanks a lot!

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    I also have experienced this in Ultimate 2019, never had it in 2018.
    I have found that if the grad filter causes banding when darkening a sky then switching to a brush and using that instead can resolve the problem but not always.
    I have not found a total solution yet.


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      Yes I also noticed this and have reported it directly to ACDSee (including sample pictures) a while ago. I still waiting/hoping that it'll be fixed. Until then I mostly stopped using this otherwise very useful tool. You could try brushing over the banding with the blur tool. It sometimes helps.


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        Thanks for both of you. I hope ACDsee can come out with a fix very soon!