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Catalog - People "There are no files assigned to the selected ACDSee metadata group."

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  • Catalog - People "There are no files assigned to the selected ACDSee metadata group."

    Fresh install of ACDsee. (Used to use it many years ago).
    Trying to understand the facial recog feature ... I've categorised many faces.
    But *nothing* shows up in the 'People' category - it always says 'there are no files assigned...'. The help isn't helpful.

    I've scanned in all my photos to the catalog, and run a full facial detections scan (took a while with 90,000 faces).

    I can go down to the 'special items' and see people under auto-named, suggested, etc.
    I tried changing it to show both suggested and assigned names... still absolutely nothing.
    What gives?

    Also: the facial recognition algorithm seems pretty awful compared to Picasa... it constantly gets people wrong. Doesn't seem to be improving. I was hoping for something decent from a modern piece of software? I'm a software developer and just spent a week using Azure Cognitive Facial Recognition, and it's superb - I got better than 99.9% accuracy with a few minutes of training. This needs some work ... !!!

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    Hi mikejt4,

    I just want to confirm how exactly you are searching for people. In the Catalog pane, People section, you can see individual people that you have labeled. Clicking on one of these should search for images containing that person (either assigned, suggested, or both, depending on your setting). I've attached a screenshot showing the location of the People section. Is this how you were searching for people?

    If this is still not working, could you please try performing a search in the Quick Search bar at the top right of the file list? Type in a person's name and press ENTER to start the search. Does this return results?

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems


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      No I was selecting on 'People' above under categories. I didn't even see the collapsed 'People' thing below... thanks. (doh)
      Still wondering what the 'People' Category above is for - presumably another thing you can setup manually?


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        Originally posted by mikejt4 View Post
        ..Still wondering what the 'People' Category above is for..
        I too don't understand what the purpose is of the "People" entry in the Categories section.
        I have over the years with various versions of ACDSee tagged images with peoples names as keywords.
        Since facial recognition was added some of those images have been revisited and as a result, the "People" list has some of the names, but not all of the names that were applied as keywords. The People Category however still says there are no files assigned.


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          Originally posted by Greyfox View Post

          I too don't understand what the purpose is of the "People" entry in the Categories section.
          The people catalog, face recognition is too some degree confusing.

          The 'People' under the catalog section are created when you use the face detection. \Tools\Face Detection. In View Mode, you need to select Panes\Face Detection. The names you type in here will be added to 'People' under the catalog section. You can then later use the People selection to search on all pictures on a selected individual.

          In Manage Mode, you also need to be aware of Tools\Manage People and \Tools\Face Detection.

          I understand that you created Keywords for your people. I did more or less the same but created a manual catalog for People. That allowed me to group People's into families or other settings.

          When you get into it - you soon understand how the different bits fit together. There is room for functional improvement here. The GUI is not really intuitive.


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            Thanks for your response mogle.

            I started cataloging my images first in ACDSee 15 back in about 2013 and have progressed through various versions since then.
            My name keywords have indeed been arranged into groups, Families, Friends, Places, Organisations etc. and in general that has worked well, however having recently upgraded from ACDSee Photo Studio Home 2020 to Ultimate 2020, I'm currently looking at whether I can improve on the way I'm using the software.

            I understand how the Catalog->People and Face recognition work, it is the Categories->People that I'm not sure about.

            What I've found is that in order for the Categories->People selection to work, images have to be given an additional Categories>People tag, in addition to any name tags the image might have. As I see it at the moment, the only advantage of adding a Categories->People tag would be to enable a search for all photos containing people. I'm trying to weigh up whether it is worth the work in adding that tag at this stage.
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              Just as a clarification, the four default categories (Albums, People, Places, Various) are just examples to help you get started using ACDSee Categories. There is nothing special about them, and images will not be automatically added to any category.

              Tristan H.
              ACD Systems