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  • Clipped tones

    Ultimate 2020
    RAW image (from Sony SLT-A57 camera) opened in Develop Mode.
    With all settings at default, and Output color space set to sRGB, black clipping is shown as 0.26% and white clipping 0.04% and as a result various areas of the image have the green and red clipping indication.

    I can reduce the black clipping to 0.03% and the white to 0.01% using tone curves.
    My query is whether using tone curves is the best way to go about it, or is there a better method?.

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    I tend to LightEQ and Exposure, because I could never get good at using tone curves.


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      Thanks Gus. I usually use exposure first to try to centre as much as possible the histogram display.
      I'll give Light EQ a try to see what I can do with it in terms of the clipped tones.


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        FWIW, for the most part, I stick with the "basic" mode of LightEQ and use it to get the balance right. Many times when I try the "advanced" mode I get too aggressive and end-up in an endless customization loop.