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Requested functionality: Split Screen, Manage Mode

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  • Requested functionality: Split Screen, Manage Mode

    I am requesting a 'Split Screen' functionality in Manage Mode. It would be beneficial in many circumstances. Situations like: searching for duplicates, transfer pictures from a holding area to your central picture repository, comparing pictures from different locations. Alternatively to a split-screen, you could open a second Manage-Mode window on your second display. Both of those options would save me plenty of time when organising my pictures.

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    In manage mode CTR-SHIFT-N will open another instance of AC. Though no full-fledged, it allows many kinds of operations in manage mode. Try it, I'm keen to learn your experience.


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      Thanks Emil It sort of does what I want. I think you told me about it once before?

      There are a few issues. The two instances of ACDSee are not isolated. When I first opened it up, it open on top of each other on the display where ACDSee was. That is OK. Then I move the new instance to display number two. The 'Catalog' section remained on top on the first screen.

      It does help me out and will save plenty of time.

      I do understand why it works the way it does. You just load a second instance of the same application. I think it would be better, if the second instance you opened of ACDSee was lighter. Lets say, you only had access to Manage Mode and View Mode on the second instance. If it worked like that, the first instance of ACDSee you open is then the main instance. If it worked like that, I think it would be easier since it would be two completely isolated instances of ACDSee.


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        The other part of what you want, is that covered by tools/compare images?



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          njlarsen Thank you for pointing out \Tools\Compare Images. I have not tried that before.

          My first impression. Looks good when you get down to details. Timeconsuming if you use to compare images to find duplicates. It is not meeting my requirements for split-screen.


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            Originally posted by njlarsen View Post
            ... tools/compare images?

            Thank Niels, I too wasn't aware of that option. Always something to be learned from a forum.