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How do you convert your scanned negatives to positives with ACDSee?

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  • How do you convert your scanned negatives to positives with ACDSee?

    I want to digitize a large collection of old negatives. After I scan them, how do I convert them to positive images (RAW or TIFF preferred) with ACDSee?
    Thank you for any advice related to this undertaking.
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    Try this:


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      Glen showed one way using edit mode.

      If you prefer to work in develop mode from Raw images, then take one of your "negative" images and "develop" it first by going to the tone curve box and just "turn it upside down" so the black value is highest and the white value is lowest.
      This will create a negative of the image for you.

      You might also want to "develop" some more things like making a crop to remove the unwanted "outside" part of the image or adjusting the contrast and ,...

      Then you could use those same settings to develop all the other images in one go using copy/paste settings.
      To do that :
      ... In manage mode select the image you have adjusted to your liking, then
      Process/ copy settings / select all / OK
      now select all the other "negative" images that you want to process in the same way, and,...
      Process/paste settings

      They will all be adjusted in the same way



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        Thank you Glen Barrington and Trevor !


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          When I scanned in my slides and negs I experimented with some software called VueScan software, it was a trial version that saved with a imbedded "trial" watermark if I remember correctly, but everything else worked, and this would produce a positive scan from a negative image. I didn't actualy use it in the end as I managed to get the old software that came with my Nikon scanner working on Windows 10, but the tests I did seemed ok.
          My scanner is one of the old Nikon ones so when I got it working I did try scanning to Nikons raw NEF format but actualy found that it caused more problems than it solved as I "suspect" that the Raw image it produced was a pretty old version (as software was old) and newer packages had some trouble with decoding
          However as I am not a big image edit person and only apply basics most of the time, I decided to just scan to Tiff format. I can always go back and re-scan an individual if I ever needed the Nef additional info


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            You're a brave man MrSteveVee to take on the mammoth project of scanning a lot of negative strips. I'm going to send many of my negative strips to ScanCafe to scan for me. For film rolls where I want to save just a couple of images, I ordered a Nikon ES-2 film digitizing adapter set. It comes with a 35mm film strip holder and slide holder too. I will attach it with my 40mm Nikon Macro lens and take RAW shots of the individual frames. Steve, have you tried out the steps that Glen Barrington shared the link to in this thread?