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    I have just changed over from Lightroom and have started cataloguing all my photos scattered over 5 disks. All I am doing at the present is assigning keywords. One of the key words is 'Trawlers' when I search using this key word all my photos of Trawlers are found, but within the photos are a couple not of Trawlers with either no keywords, or one that appears has 'Street' as a keyword. Am I doing something wrong? and how can I correct this. I am probably not seeing something which is obvious.

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    Originally posted by Scete View Post
    ...when I search using this key word...
    I'm not clear as to how you searched.
    Was it by selecting that keyword in the Catalog->Keywords section in the left hand column, or did you type it into the quick search bar at the top.

    The Catalog->Keywords can be set to "Match All" or set the "Match Any". If it is set to Match All, and that is the only keyword selected, it should only find images that have that specific keyword.

    The quick search bar is a broader search. By default it will include Filenames, Categories, content of folders, and people (Face detected). These options can be selected or deselected in Tools->Options-Quick Search.

    It might help to check whether both types of search above give the same unexpected result.


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      Grey Fox
      Thanks for the help, I knew it was something simple. Well simple if you know the answer! Thanks