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Opening several pictures at once as layers?

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  • Opening several pictures at once as layers?

    Hi there,

    is there any way to open a large number of pictures as layers at once?
    I would like to open about 100 captures of a night scene to compose a startrail-picture, but as far i can see i must add every single capture manually to the layer panel.
    It would be helpful to select all needed captures in manage mode and then, after right click, "Open as layers".
    I use Ult2019 and didn't found such an option, but perhaps i've overlooked something.

    Best regards from Germany, stay healthy!

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    Originally posted by uwe1904 View Post there any way to open a large number of pictures as layers at once?
    I don't know about Ult19, and I don't know about 100 images, but in Ult20
    1. open an image in Edit mode
    2. Click on the "Add a file as a layer" icon
    3. Select a group of files (click on the first, hold down shift and click on the last, then click on open

    The images will load automatically, each as a new layer.
    I've tried up to 10 and that worked


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      Thank you, Greyfox,

      for this information.
      This function seems to exist only in the 2020 version, I've just tried this in 2019 and 2018, and there i can select only one single frame.
      In the 2020 user manual the function is mentioned just as you have mentioned, in the 2019 manual it isn't.
      Actually i wanted to skip the 2020 version, now i have to rethink ...

      Thx, best regards


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        Wait 6 months and the 2021 version might be out!!


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          Four months might even do it - maybe. This year all bets based on past experience is off.


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            Well I have just tried adding loads of images as layers.
            I got to 65 layers made up of Jpegs avg. 4-6 meg each.
            This consumed 9 Gig of memory so if you are going to try loading 100 images, I hope you have a shed load of spare memory (I have 20 gig)
            Saving the image as ACDsee format pushed the memory usage up to 14 gig trying to save to a ssd hard drive, before failing saying simply "cannot write file"