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Bulk import of metadata from csv

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  • Bulk import of metadata from csv

    Hello everybody,

    I am new here and could not find an answer to my question in the forum.

    Metadata of many of my scanned slides is in an Excel file.
    Date, place, description, etc.
    I would like to copy this information into the corresponding exif or iptc fields within the photos.

    recently copying acd metadata to iptc within acdsee was not a problem,
    but bulk data import from a CSV file ...? no idea.

    I could create any format from field information, e.g. an import script.

    Thanks for any advice.
    Greetings from sunny Munich
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    Emil obviously was responding to my post, but I cannot see it. After Login I can see only my post. What am I doing wrong?


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      For some reason the post is under quarantine. Here's a copy:

      Afaik AC can't deal with CSV files. I frequently use exiftool to work with meta data. To get a clue how exiftool handles it, open a cmd window a type as follows:
      exiftool "path_of_a_folder_with_a_few_images" -csv >%userprofile%\Desktop\test.csv
      Next open this csv file with your spread sheet editor. You most likely will see far to many columns with unneeded data. But you also will find the tag names used in the first row. Note down a few of the tags and retry:
      exiftool "path_of_a_folder_with_a_few_images" -caption -subject -csv >%userprofile%\Desktop\test.csv
      Now you have a csv file with just three columns: full qualified filename, caption and subjects. This should help you how to prepare your existing csv file.
      To import the meta data from your csv file type:
      exiftool "path_of_a_folder_with_images" -csv=my_file_with_metadata.csv "
      Beware: exiftool can write to raw files too. To avoid this, add your file types to the command line. E.g.:
      exiftool "path_of_a_folder_with_images" -ext jpg -ext tif -csv=my_file_with_metadata.csv "path_of_a_folder_with_the_images"
      Hope this helps. For additional info ask in the exiftool forum.


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        Thank you, Emil, I'll try...