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  • Albums, collections, collection set usage

    I am still new to ACDSee and have been focused on the DAM aspects so far. Cataloging and keywording and facial rec.
    The program has done a decent job of capturing all images in a high level folder with its subfolders.

    I have 3 trips taken to Europe that involved many cities and towns in each. My folder structure has identified by day the towns visited took place as a hierarchy of folders. E.g France---Paris----Normandy----Caen... etc.

    I am trying to understand what advantage if any to organize each trip as a separate Album (old term deprecated in 2020), Collection, or collection set. Why would I choose to create a collection or collection set?

    In another thread user Steve wondered about the use of the image basket feature for collecting images as well.

    so why are there features so similar in nature?
    Does anyone have advice on how to best approach dealing with the three trips?

    1. Just stick with the organisation currently in the hierarchical folder structure using search criteria with keywords to gather files for post processing (When I get that far) . Or...

    2. Use the collection(set) feature to organise for what ever purpose ( I.e. whatever that could not be that option 1 won't satisfy?

    once this is resolved the intention will be to use DXO from within acdsee ultimate as the first step in a post processing workflow which I have yet to determine.

    Any help here would be most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Everyone has their own process. This may not be right for you... but the following works for me.

    I do not organize anything by folders. Instead, I rely heavily on getting the IPTC keywords correct... then I rely on making the right search strings. For example, i can search for "blue"... I will get cars, birds, sky, flowers, sunsets.... Or search for flowers and get flowers of different colors.

    This way I don't need to remember where or when something was taken, I can just search for the IPTC keyword(s) that I added when I cataloged the images.


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      Great post, GusPanella. Suppose I want to see all images taken for example in February, 2019. How should I identify my images to allow me to do that if I want to stick with IPTC protocol?


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        i would add a search line include a IPTC "created date" and the "between" setting to the search property... in addition to the IPTC Keyword (if needed)
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          Thank you GusPanella.


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            Yes good post Big-Gee , At the moment I am going through my take on using AcDsee Keywords and simple IPTC keywords as I have always used Keywords in the past. Maybe its time to pause and check out how collections work, they may have more advantages.


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              After a little experiment and some research on the postings on this subject I have come to the following conclusion (That will probably change!) .
              IPTC keywords are only useful for other software or public viewing as the flat structure is not that easy to use and AcDsee own keywords offer better functionality. However if need be AcDsee keywords or Categories can still be copied over to the IPTC keywords using <ACDSee Metadata:Keywords>,<ACDSee Metadata:Categories> placed in the IPTC keyword

              AcdSee keywords and categories are very similar, they both have a hierarchy that can be used, but seem best to be used for different purposes. Note, I did a quick test on performance and it appears that image retrieval using a Category was faster than the retrieval of the same images using AcDsee Keywords.

              Now a very useful post from Emil I believe stated that he used the Keywords as the descriptive part of the image (flower, blue, mountain) etc and the Categories as to what had happened to the Image (bought, sold, lent), and another user mentioned that he used Categories as a way of controlling each of his projects, and to me this seems a better usage of categories even if retrieval beats the keywords, mainly I guess because it is te way I have always worked.

              So my thoughts at the moment are, that I am going to continue to use AcDsee keywords for controlling images and will look at the Categories for image usage and projects
              This of course as we all know will have totally changed again by the time you read this lol