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Extremely worried, and a suggestion...

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  • Extremely worried, and a suggestion...

    This morning I started up my ACDSee Ultimate and it opened to a new, empty database. When I checked, the database was in the same place as the old database, with a time stamp reflecting the time I'd run the program. Meaning that, somehow, my database had been overwritten, and all my data lost.

    Why? What happened? Nothing has changed in my system since the last time I used the program, which ran and closed with no problems.

    Fortunately, I do regular backups (once a week and each time I do some work), so in this case nothing was lost.

    However, this is extremely worrying. Has anybody else had a similar problem?

    My suggestion would be a reminder on leaving the program, similar to the reminder to embed data, but asking me to back up; it could be programmable, so that it only appears once a week/month etc.

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    Tools > Option Database > Display Backup Reminder. Mine is set to every week.
    (Coincidentally, this is right above where the embed data reminder setting is located)


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      Thanks for that GusPanella! Guess I should have looked harder...


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        Happy to help. One of the both good and bad of ACD is the 100 (200, 300?) settings exposed to us users. It is impossible to keep them straight... at least it is for me. It just so happens I rely on this one so I knew where it was located.