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iPhone import failures - logs or extra info?

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  • iPhone import failures - logs or extra info?

    I try to import photos from an iPhone 8 (iOS 13.5.1) into ACDSee Ultimate 2020 (Windows 10) and get import failure messages for certain files (IMG and MOV).

    Last import from 1 day had 26 out of 50 import successfully.

    Is there any log files or further information I can get to understand why the remaining files consistently fail to import?


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    Hi kidhazy,

    In the past, I have experience a couple of issues with importing from iPhone outside of ACDSee.

    Sometimes, plugging in my phone to a USB 3.0 port has caused connection issues. So you could try plugging your phone into a USB 2.0 port instead and see if that helps.

    Sometimes, the iPhone's HEIC/HEVC transcode setting has caused issues with importing certain image and video files. For some reason the phone is unable to transcode them to compatible formats, and they fail to import. In your iPhone's Settings app, scroll down to Photos, then check the "Transfer to Mac or PC" setting. If it is set to Automatic, try switching it to Keep Originals, and see if you are able to import the files. Bear in mind that changing this setting means that you will be importing HEIC images and h.265/HEVC-encoded videos, which are not compatible with all applications. HEIC images are viewable by default in Ultimate 2020, but HEVC videos are only playable if you have the HEVC Video Extensions utility.

    If you have wifi, I would also recommend that you try the free ACDSee Mobile Sync app. This will let you sync your phone's files to ACDSee over wifi. I find it very useful for syncing my own photos.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems


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      Thanks Tristan, I'll look at some of those suggestions.

      In my further testing last night I found the import would appear to stall/fail when importing a video (MOV) and then would fail every other file after that.

      If I tried to import again, the import window would not show the photo thumbnails and all imports would fail.

      I could only get imports to work again but disconnecting/reconnect phone, or in some cases needed a reboot.
      It would then allow the import to start again, until it hit another file it didn't like (a different file).

      I'll try your suggestions to see if I can find a stable solutions.