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FujiFilm XT3 raw files are NOT supported. Prove me wrong.

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  • FujiFilm XT3 raw files are NOT supported. Prove me wrong.

    It says right here that ACDSEE supports RAF raw files.

    Does anyone else have this problem?
    Is this not false advertising?
    Is there a workaround with camera settings?

    This is really mind boggling that RAF files will not load in develop or edit with the latest version of ACDSEE.
    Yes, I did contact support, sent them 2 files and they concurred that it is true, the program will not open the file.

    The exchange I had with support took over 10 days, was very difficult to interpret due to odd use of the English language and was defensive in tone.
    The takeaway was that they won't fix it just for me, but will maybe look at it later and microsoft and apple do this all the time. No joke.

    I want this to work. I love Acdsee, but this is lawsuit material if this is true.
    Are there really no other Fujifilm XT3 users here?
    How can it be just me?
    the files are seen as _DSF....

    I feel like the twilight zone here.


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    Hmmm I have issues with AcDsee but opening XT-3 RAF files is not a problem. What happens? I have my RAF files stored by the camera as per the default for the XT-3 so I dont know if there is a compressed/uncompressed option in the XT-3 that may upset AcDsee (guessing) but it seems to open all of mine ok


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      Oh forgot to say, I use the Windows version


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        No problem with RAF of X-T30 (windows version)


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          Okay, thanks for your testimonies. I didn't think it could be universal. However, the confirmation that the files don't work from support is troubling. HMMMmmmmm... I use windows 10 enterprise. but the suggestion is that the problem comes from the files themselves. ugh. I wonder if Steve might be on to something there with a setting in the cam. thanks again


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            Have a look at Capture One Express for Fuji, although its just as buggy lol


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              I will thanks.


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                Using 2020 with X-T1 and X-T3 and no issues opening the files. Maybe it's something with the way you're transferring the files from the camera/card to you computer. I have had ACDSee crash when trying to transfer from the camera to the computer via USB cable, but no issues if I remove the card from the camera and use a card reader.


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                  No problems with X-T30 on 2020 Ultimate on WIN10 Pro. I also transfer my files with the cardreader.


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                    Ultimate 2020 captured the files. I can see them and enlarge them to 100% while viewing. I just can't develop or edit them. The message while trying to open them is stuck at... loading... Thanks for your replies.