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Final straw and goodbye.

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  • Final straw and goodbye.

    Hi Chaps,

    Some may have read about the problems I had with Ultimate. Initially it was ok, then started crashing, until it crashed every time I clicked on a folder (just shut down as if I had exited) so I did a total wipe and reinstall of window then re-installed Acdsee, it worked again ok for a little while

    I am only applying keywords and metadata to images, nothing more apart from an odd edit here and there to "play", and I often get the "encountered an error and will close" message. Additionally at times the product would also totally crash (close as if I had shut it down) with no message whatsoever, which was worrying.

    Pretty unstable methinks but I have been soldiering on, but yesterday was the final straw, I needed to extract some Tiffs to Jpegs to upload. I selected 60 images to export with all the defaults apart from a named directory and a filename change. AcdSee stated processing 1 of 60 and then promptly crashed (shut down).

    So I tried 10, and the same thing happened. I checked the directory, yup all fine, then picked just one, and it crashed. So I picked another image outside of the original selection, and again AcDsee crashed.

    So Effectively I now cannot export anything. I traced back a windows dump and it appears that AcDsee has broken some access violations , that's not good,

    The thing is, nothing has changed on the PC. The Windows is a fresh install up to date with only some basic software installed that I needed and between the time it was working and now that it is not, I have only been using AcDsee. It has just decided to corrupt itself

    So as I have been using the product for less than 30 days I have been in touch for a refund and will no longer be using the product once it has been processed.

    So may I just say goodbye and luck all and I hope my problems were localised for my PC and that you do not have the same problems I did.

    Stay safe

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    Damn! I'm sorry that you're having these repeated problems MrSteveVee and sorry to see you go. Have you decided on what app you'll use to organize your images?


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      Hi Robert, yes sorry to say goodbye, hopefully you and the others have better luck with the software. To answer the question I am not sure at the moment. I used Lightroom for quite a while and its pretty good but I am not going down the subscription route. I dont mine paying for upgrades if it has things I want, but I do not want to be tied into a plan with no escape if I cannot pay (retired now) and the version I have cannot open some of my Raw files unless I convert to DNG

      I used Elements originally, its "ok" but does not run too well on high res monitors (I use my TV lol) and is a bit dated these days.
      I also tried On One cut down trial but that was an online and ran terrible.

      I tried Capture One Express for Fuji (free version) as a trial but that has some bad bugs, you just need to check the forums. It also cannot handle a lot of images in one database (5 mins to retrieve images via keyword from a 60K library), but seems to run fine apparently if you use it with lots of individual sessions like a wedding photographer. I could not check this as it is only available in the paid version.

      Darktable is quite good and I used that for a while, for an open source it is excellent but the windows version 2.7 GUI had some issues. There is a later version 3.0 out now that I might try and is high on the list of it works

      I am also looking at Luminar, but there seems to be quite a pause between selecting an image and opening it in the develop mode (i7 PC with 32 gig ram and Nvidia 1080 graphics so not a slouch)

      DxO is supposed to be good but looks pricy and I want to check out corel paintshop pro and Cyberlink Photo director, so I have a lot of testing to do lol.


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        Thanks for your note MrSteveVee . I have a buddy who used Elements for years. He was repeatedly frustrated by Adobe's changing of the "stacks" format. One time, Adobe's change caused users to re-label a lot of their images. Also beware of Elements (for many functions) supports 8 rather than 16 bits.

        I researched Luminar and there's a lot to like. But for organizing your images, Luminar 4 has one deal-breaking keywords. In other words, it seems like each app that we consider for our organizing needs leaves something to be desired. The big question, it the feature that's lacking a deal-breaker for you as the user.

        All the best, whichever app you end up using.


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          Thanks Rob, yes just found out Luminar has no keywording, so thats dumped lol. I had a quick look at DxO manual and could not find anything about Keyword Hierarchy or keyword import so that's bottom of the pile. I just reloaded darktable and it looks like they fixed the GUI issue I had, so that is back at the top of the pile. Darktable is very good, the main downside is that as its open source and run by volunteers so you have to wait a while for bug fixes and new releases. Support is done mainly by the community but there are a lot of clever guys using the software and one guy Bruce Williams on youtube has over 60 tutorials and still going strong. It has keywording, import and hierarchy, image grouping so you can group raw/edited Tiff/jpeg finals together as one and close to 30 edit modules, all of them non destructive and in a history stack so you can switch them on/off if you want or go back in the history and start again from any given point.
          I will probably go back to DT now that the GUI issue is fixed.


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            The problem is, that there isn't much out there in terms of true DAM software. Just having a library and storing SOME metadata in a database of some sort is NOT the same as having a true DAM product. Luminar is a good example, CaptureOne is too, These are more along the lines of "clever front-end products" rather than DAMs.

            You might want to look at Lightroom, and I've heard positive things about Photo Mechanic which claims "its “IPTC Stationary” concept – although widely used, it means you can encode and decode your assets with the most popular photo editing software’s you’re likely to already use." I have no firsthand knowledge of this product though.


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              I've used ACDSee since the 90's starting with Pro3 , now using Ultimate 10, and am quite happy. I've never experienced crashing, loss of keywords, etc. I originally came from Lightroom and have tried almost everything related to DAMs and none has dislodged ACDSee. I use ACDSee more or less everyday (it's on all the time) and it has worked for me. I've been reading about issues with newer iterations of this software and so have not upgraded since Ultimate 10 still serves most of my needs. Just my 2 cents and I'm not paid by ACDSee.
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                Thanks chaps, yes I have lightroom V6 but as its is quite old it does not like my Fuji camera, I could convert the images to DNG but I tried that in the past and had a few issues so dont want to go that route again, I also dislike subscription models so wont be paying Adobe any more money.
                t was interesting what mun said, when I tried the Capture one Express for Fuji, I (and others) were having a lot of issues and several people mentioned that they were sticking with older but more stable versions. Software houses should take note of these comments, they are losing revenue by rushing out new releases that are not fully tested.


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                  Hello Steve. This is my first post on this Forum(!). Your recent experiences remind me that I have had problems with my PC running Win10 (last but one download) and using Adobe PS 2020 (most recent version). The computer stopped (safely, perhaps in sleep mode) with a black screen. I kept a diary on this, and the black death appeared to be due to the CPU overheating (90+deg.C). I removed PS 2020 and ran PS Elements for a few weeks. No problems. Then I had a major PC upgrade before reloading PS 2020. I now have a much speedier and responsive computer, and no black death screens! The CPU is running at about 80 deg.C. I am pretty certain I experienced the consequences of issues between my elderly hardware, Win10, and PS 2020. I have no issues now since this upgrade (that I am aware of) and my PC has taken to ACDSee U2020 like a duck to water.
                  I notice that quite a few user posts on ACDSee relate to large numbers of image files in one folder. Perhaps they are pushing the envelope to its limit, and (unwittingly) exceeding a functional tipping point for their particular PC/Mac set-up?
                  Some thoughts for you, probably utterly irrelevant? All the best, Peter.


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                    hi intrepid , appreciate the reply, thanks. Unfortunately my problems are not hardware related as the PC is a relatively new build with plenty of oomph. I was putting metadata into several thousand images at times, but it should not baulk at that. I did find other threads with similar experiences to myself with total crashes (shutdown of product) so I think its more bug related than hardware. Not to worry tho , I have my refund now and AcDsee is no longer on my PC, I just need to find an alternative.
                    Thanks for the reply and I wish you well
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                      Hi Steve - I am also a Fuji shooter (X-T2 and X-T20). I've used the old Capture One Express, abandoned it because it needed too many steps, and recently tried the latest Capture One but found it complicated. I now use ACDSee U10 for DAM and editing, plus to launch Perfectly Clear, Luminar, Nik (old, free) and Topaz Labs plugins. I too don't like subscriptions. I love to try photo software but am more and more impatient with having to learn new procedures so am sticking to what I have. I'm on Windows 10, have about 36K images. So far so good.
                      Best of luck in your software search!


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                        Originally posted by mun View Post
                        I've used ACDSee since the 90's starting with Pro3 , now using Ultimate 10, and am quite happy.
                        Yep, that's one of the more stable versions, none of the younger versions passed our quality inspection. I still prefer Ultimate 8!!, but also have the latest version installed for inspection and support. Hope is the last to die!