Thanks to Tristan H's recommendation I've been investigating the usage of Mobile Sync to easily and selectively have my mobile phone files uploaded to ACDSee.

I can see the default is to upload to a "ACDSee Mobile Sync" folder. I'm thinking of changing that so that my uploaded files are uploaded into the main picture folder straight away.

However, I may still want to see which files just got uploaded (in case there was a mistake), but I couldn't see if there was any extra Metadata automatically added to the uploaded files so that I could search for them at a later stage.

Q1) Does Mobile Sync tag the uploaded files with any extra metadata so that they can be found at a later stage?

Q2) What workflow do people use for Mobile Sync files? eg. do most people upload to a Mobile Sync specific folder, and then move/refile them via ACDSee on the PC, or do they (as I'm thinking) upload them straight into their final location?