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Crash when exiting from editing

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  • Crash when exiting from editing

    hi, this was not a case before... this new skin. like 2015 or olders. the problem occurs if you directly open an image from windows 10 explorer and click to edit. after this point when you hit cancel or done acdsee crashes. only solution to this, you have to open acdsee folder view (manage) before editing.

    please fix this annoying bug.
    Last edited by seriousgigi; 08-20-2020, 04:31 AM.

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    hi i am still experiencing this issue why no answers from the team? the problem is simply if you open an image from windows folder and go edit the program crashes. to fix this i have to open the folder where the image -which i want to edit- in it, from acdsee manage (folder view)...


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      Hi seriousgigi,

      Sorry to learn that the edit mode does not work for you if it is directly opened from Windows file explorer.

      Does that happen with all type of images files ? For example, if you have just one JPG file in a folder, you then select and right-click to Edit by ACDSee, will you run into the same issue ?

      I will also send you an email to follow up this case as we may need to set up a meeting to explore the settings in ACDSee and in OS to diagnose this.



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        i only work around png and jpg files. good idea about the amount of image files. it happens like if i have 100 images or more in one folder. (i simply double click an image in windows explorer and it opens acdsee in view panel, then click to edit then editing image like cropping it then when i click "done" it freezes.)

        this issue didnt happen when i tried to edit an image which is one of 3 images in one folder.

        so it is related with number of images in the folder like you said i guess.

        but again this problem was not happening before your new skin. like said in the original post you have changed program's skin in ~2015 i guess. so it must have related with this because when i uninstall this version and install the older ones this problem does not occur.