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Is it me or is 2020 Ultimate slow?

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  • Is it me or is 2020 Ultimate slow?

    I've used ACDsee for a while now and just upgraded to 2020 and it seems to be heavy. It lags, it takes a while to open, it crashes. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Recommend that you check your graphics card. Ult-2020 has shifted a lot of CPU work to the graphics processor. Most users see improved performance, but not everyone.


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      Hi PhotoPharaoh27,

      In addition to what LV_Bill has suggested, you can also try to reset layout. In ACDSee, click View | Reset layout.

      If the issue would remain, please contact support team directly with your system information. Here is the direct link to the support contact form:


      ACD Customer Care


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        I appreciate your response LV_Bill. I am soon going to replace my PC. Since Ult-2020 has ****************ted a lot of CPU work to the graphics processor, is there a type of graphics card I should install in my next Windows PC? Can I get away with an integrated card or should I get a PCI / PCI Express card to help prevent the problems I'm hearing with the 2020 version of ACDSee running slow or crashing? I assume I'll need at least a i7 processor and minimum 12 GB of RAM. Is there other criteria that I should look at with using ACDSee in mind?
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          i7 + 16G + nVidia 960M on my 3+ year old laptop works fine. (I did update to 32G RAM this year, but I don't believe that was really necessary. I do recommend NVMe solid state drives (connected to the PCIe bus) instead on any SATA conenction.
          Using a dedicated GPU card (PCIe) is better than using the graphics integrated into the Intel CPU.


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            I have a very similar setup as Gus Panella (above). I think if you specify an i7 cpu with 16gb Ram, then the standard graphics and bus speeds should be fine.