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Converting CR2 to JPG on AMD Threadripper 3970X + other issues

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  • Converting CR2 to JPG on AMD Threadripper 3970X + other issues

    Hi ACDSee users,

    I use both ACDSee and Lightroom/Photoshop for different scenarios.
    ACDSee allows me develop large number of CR2 files when only global corrections are needed.
    Lightroom for photo sessions when small amount of CR2 files is produced to be edited in Photoshop.
    Recently my water cooled Intel-CPU-based PC failed so I switched to AMD Threadripper 3970X.
    GPU AMD Radeon 5700X.

    I tried to convert 76 CR2 files (Canon 5D Mark IV) to JPG (100% quality).
    Neither Lightroom nor ACDSee Ultimate utilize CPU 100%, however Lightroom is much much better.

    Lightroom needed 35 seconds.
    ACDSee did the job in 3 minutes and 2 seconds.

    I want ACDSee to be my primary tool for developing photos from big events.
    With this hardware I would expect ACDSee to be lightning fast, but it's not.

    Unfortunately I see same problems since Ultimate 2010 unresolved:
    1. Glitching program window when switching from View to Develop in multi monitor setup.
    2. Very slow and unresponsive Develop Brush when making local corrections.
    3. Slow user interface change when switching between modes - lots of UI refreshes
    4. Not detecting file change when drive not indexed, even after pressing F5. Program restart required.
    5. Very slow refresh of photo in Develop mode. Using multiple brushes make it extremely slow.
    6. No PSB support. This is critical because 50% of my Photoshop files are too big to be saved as PSD, so I cannot see Photoshop files.

    Please share your experience.
    Hope ACDSee developers will notice this thread.