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    1) Is there a way to search for non-tagged or un-cataloged items. 2) After doing a search is there a way to export or save those files to a different folder? 3) I have created the catalog I wanted for photos and want to apply the same to video BUT: is there a way to do a search for either the photos OR videos only with the parameters I created? That is, both the photo and video may have the same catalog search parameters but I may want to use those parameters to just get the video OR photo. (Hope that is clear). Thanks: Barry

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    Hi, Barry

    1. In the catalogue view, under special items (bottom of the list), there is an option to display uncategorised items and those with no keywords.

    2. Once you have the files, Ctrl+A to select them all, then right-click; towards the bottom of the menu there are two options, to copy or move to a folder.

    3. Again, under special items, one of the options is to display videos. I actual created a category 'Videos' and assigned them to that category, that way I can easily include them in any future searches...

    Hope that's what you want!


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      Thank you very much. That is EXACTLY what I wanted!


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        You're welcome...