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  • Second Monitor editing view

    I have been using ACDSee Photo Ulimate for a little while and one thing I have wanted to be able to do, and I'm sure it can be, is to be able to use my second monitor at full screen to show the image as I am editing it.
    I know I can show a full screen image "pre edit" in a second monitor, but want to be able to see the changes to the larger version rather than on the screen with all the tools.

    Is this possible, and if so how can I set up my editing workflow to include this?

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    I would also like to be informed of this.


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      Good idea, indeed. Editing in a 100% zoomed window (or full screen) and displaying the whole image with all changes downsized in another window (or on a second monitor together with all edit panes). However I would need to calibrate my second monitor . . . another challenge.

      As already said, the second monitor window shows the image pre edited. Also, the edit panes become inactive when moved to a second monitor and the main monitor is in full screen mode (F-key)
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