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Viewing folder tree on microSD card

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  • Viewing folder tree on microSD card

    When looking at the folder tree on c-drive or usb disc drives folders that have subfolders are marked with a small triangle.

    However looking at the folder tree on my 1 TB SanDisk Extreme microSDXCSD card all folders have the small triangle - even those without a subfolder. The triangle goes away when clicked on, but next time ACDSee is started the small triangles will be there again.

    I am using a 1tb SD-card as main working memory and my photos are kept in 14,000 folders, so there are many clicks needed to show the real content. Is there a fix this problem or maybe a workaround (such as opening the whole folder tree).

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    This is one of the biting midges in AC !

    It not only applies to SD cards, but to all storage devices. Also the triangle does not vanish if a folder contains invisible or suppressed subfolder (e,g, [Developed]).
    It exists since dawn of time and after all these years it must be considered as one of the major features of AC. Several people of ACDSystems must have noticed this quirk, but they simply don't care. A programmer once spend some time to add "display density" to the folder tree. However, he also added an option to replace the triangles with plus symbols, which is an option if you don't like the triangles :-)

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      Oh the problem is that old! - I noticed that it is the same behaviour on ACDSee 10 and ACDSee ultimate.

      However I do not have the problem on all non-C memory. There is no problem on my USB disk! Do you have the problem on USB disks? Why is there a difference?

      In the database folder tree my USB disc is classified as LOCAL (as the C-drive) and my SD memory is REMOVABLE.
      So using that classification the problem does not appear on local drives, but only on removable drives.

      If the problem has been fixed for USB discs - is there a way to classify the SD drive as not removable and maybe get rid of the problem?
      I also tested with a USB stick - it has the same problem as SD and it is classified as removable.