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    I have been trying to take out electricity lines using the Smart Erase Tool. Sometimes it works like magic but without changing anything it suddenly picks up some arbitrary section of the photo and pastes it where the eraser should have erased the line. Has anyone else experienced this and is there a way around it?

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    Hi Tom - I've seen exactly the same thing. And, there are a couple of tricks you can use to improve the Smart Erase process. In my experience with telephone wires, the Erase tool is most likely to get the replacement data wrong when you slide your mouse and select a larger area. The larger the selected area, the greater the chances of getting a crazy result. So, the two tricks that I often have to use are: (1.) make the Nib smaller, and/or (2.) do several single-click individual erases instead one big one (don't drag the mouse). These are about the only controls that you have over this tool, but they do make a huge difference in many cases. Good luck.


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      Try using the Blended Clone tool in the Repair tab. That should give you more control than the smart erase if it's not working well enough.


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        Hi Tony - Great tip -- using Blend Clone for telephone wires. Tested it and the results are terrific. Thanks.