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Database Maintenance - how long can it take?

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  • Database Maintenance - how long can it take?

    I'm using ACDsee Ultimate Version 13 - trying to do database maintenance. It starts and gives the message please wait while ACDsee is collecting and summarizing Database information. Two HOURS later it's saying the same thing. Database information is 715MB. Windows 10 Core i7 16 GB RAM with all digital hard drives. How long can it possibly take to get this done?

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    Many variables... number of images and hardware seem to be a significant factor in database optimization baseline.

    I have found the amount of database fragmentation (from usage) and number of images that were tracked by ACD that have been moved or deleted not using ACD can change the time extimate drastically. Out of the box ACD has a 1 month default optimization reminder. For my workflow, I tend to optimize 1x per week.

    As a reference, with diligent use of ACD to delete/move files, my 160k (20+ GB) image database optimization takes about 2 hours if I stay on a weekly optimization schedule.

    This being said, 715MB of database is fairly small. 2+ hours would be longer than expected if the database is on an internal SSD. May be worth restarting ACD and trying the optimization again in case something got stuck.