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All images on my computer: The source data format is not recognized

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  • All images on my computer: The source data format is not recognized

    Hi, I have a pretty frustrating issue.

    Overnight, ACDSee seems to have lost the ability to load photos, any photos.

    I am able to load and edit all my photos still in Windows, Lightroom, and every other software I tried had no problem at all. Just ACDSee can open anything. I get this error message for all photos, Tiff , Jpg, png etc: "The source data format is not recognized". Both from photos in my catalog and others I got straight off my camera to test.

    All thumbnails are gone (I tried rebuilding thumbnails and optimizing the database). I also tried recataloging everything.

    My next step is to reinstall which is a pain... I have only been using this software for a few weeks. Anything I can do to avoid this in the future?

    Edit: Strangely all non-photos load fine. videos, pdfs.
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    I created a new database and re-cataloged. That didn't work.

    I ended up re-installing and now everything works again. Metadata was saved but lost all the person tagging.

    I'll have to keep an eye on the database. I wish there was a universal standard for face tagging in images.


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      In the new ACD program, click Alt + O. Select where your photos are, OK. Then in Tools / Database click Catolog files.


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        Hi asielen,

        It is difficult to say for sure since you have already resolved the issue, but it sounds to me like something went wrong with one of the image decode plug-ins. There is a single plug-in responsible for JPG, PNG, TIF, and several other file formats, while separate plug-ins are responsible for other formats like videos and PDFs. If the plug-in were somehow corrupted or deleted, it would explain why reinstalling the software resolved the issue.

        Do you still have your original database? If so, it may be worth switching back to it to restore your face data. You can open another database from File > Database > Open.

        If you are running Photo Studio 2020 (any edition), you can also embed face data into images like other metadata. Then it can be imported into a new database from Catalog Files, or from Tools > Face Detection > Import ACDSee Face Data. For more information about embedding and importing ACDSee Face Data, please see this help topic: Importing face data is a slow process, so if you still have the original database, it will be faster to switch back to that.

        If the issue of being unable to decode image files occurs again, I would recommend that you contact Customer Care here:

        Tristan H.
        ACD Systems