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Renaming in 2021

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    Hi there.

    so just waiting for LV_Bill to update.... (see comment above)


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      There is a new build :

      superseding, I wonder if this issue has been addressed....


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        I am sorry, but the rename issue has not been fixed in ACDSee 14.0.1. This release addressed Unicode bugs + some other issues.

        But the rename issue is on our radar, but it is a bigger problem to address, and we plan to fix it in ACDSee 14.1. Planned to be released in December 2020 or January 2021.

        I apologize for the inconvenience the rename issue presents for some customers.

        All the best,


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          Hi Mark,

          I appreciate the update and timescales.

          Take care and thank you.



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            From a relative newbie to ACDSee - but I am very familiar with databases and how to use them.

            Rather than store names, or indeed any information in filenames and folders, the database approach would be to name the files anything, as long as there are no conflicts with other files. A simple serial number would do. Then use either the Category, or the Keywords, to store all the names you use, and tag each file ( or group of files ) with the name tag during the import ( or anytime convenient ) Then you just select any required name from the catalog, and just images for those names are shown.

            t takes a bit of work to set up the Category ( or Keyword ) tree how you want, but once done, tagging files with the right keyword is a simple click on a checkbox, no typing needed at all.

            That completely removes the need to keep track of filenames and gives you much more flexibility. For instance you may have a "Company" category, and sub categories with departments and names from just that company. Then you can 'drill down' through the tree of categories, and select ever narrower collections of images.

            Another advantage is if a name changes, you just change the name in the category tree, and all the relevant images are still found, with no change to the filenames.

            If you are used to just using folder and file names, this is a big change in thinking. But once you get used to it, the flexibility and power to select by all sorts of different structures is a huge advantage.


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              Unfortunately, this is only true if you work WITHIN the catalog, which is only a part of my work..... If I need to rename files meaningful check what meaningful files have been sent to customers, this is no use.

              It is a bug, needs to and will be fixed. (Just wondering if someone ever did some testing before they released it .....)


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                I see your point. I am still having problems even just getting a reasonable sequential naming system working in ACDSee - subject of another post. For all the slick features, the program has some annoying basic quirks.