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Feature Request: Stacking Photos in Manage mode

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  • Feature Request: Stacking Photos in Manage mode

    One of the most missing function is Stacking Photos in Manage mode. Stacking photos should give us option to stack base on time or base on EV - this help to stack photos taken for HDR. And in stack we should have option for select thumbnail to display as photo representing of all stack. Of course stack should have labal with number of photos in stack. For example Lightroom and iMatch have stacking photos but it can'y stack, for example, base on EV.

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    Good luck with that, he-man! I've been asking for it for years. It seems to be a case of 'if you want it, we won't do it'. It's very annoying. My answer was to allocate a unique code to each stack of pictures remove all keywords, etc, from all but the 'top' of the stack. It works well enough, but it's very cumbersome.