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How to mark for deletion

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  • How to mark for deletion

    Is there a way in manage mode to "mark for deletion" ? currently I'm using the "pick" shortcut.

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    You can mark(*) the pictures to delete, than Select / Marked files(*) and finaly Edit/Delete.

    (*) : Translation from French version.


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      Currently I use color tags: Red = Delete, Orange = Review, Green = Keep.


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        You can use a simple "Tag" for images that you will want to delete (with the image selected press backslash key \ to toggle the tag on or off. The tag will show as an orange tick on the thumbnails.
        You can then use the Pull down Filter menu to select "Tagged" to select all of the Tagged iimages.

        As has been suggested, you can use a color tag the represent those you want to delete, or you could use something like a 1 star rating for those you will want to delete.


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          I have created a category called Delete. I then assigned a shortcut key to assign an image to that category. Once I have a number of photos assigned I can select all photos in that category and delete them. This is how to do it:

          In Manage mode
          Create a new category named Delete
          Click on Tools menu
          Select Customise Shortcuts
          In the Category section of the customise shortcuts window select Categories from the drop down list
          Then select your newly created category Delete
          Further down the window Enter New Shortcut Key
          click inside the blank field then type in the shortcut keys you would like to use.
          I use Shift and X (hold down shift and press the x key, this will be shown as Shift+X)
          The screen shows you if the keys you select are already assigned, in which case you need to clear your selection and try a different combination.
          Click on Assign and close the window.

          Back in Manage mode you can test it.
          Select a picture and press your chosen keys. The Delete category should now have a tick against it.

          Once you have selected many images to delete you can click the Catalog tab next to your folders tab and select the Delete category. Select them all and delete them if you wish.

          Hope this help, Dave.