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Images not being added to database when browsing

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  • Images not being added to database when browsing

    I created a database of my large media library on my PC since it is connected to ethernet. Then I took that database and copied it to my laptop via a USB drive, then configured AC 2020 Ultimate to use that database. The laptop is on wifi. I can find images in the database quickly. However, when I browse to a directory not in the database, the images do not seem to be added.

    I only see the thumbnail placeholders, not the image thumbnails. Then when I view one of the images, suddenly all of the image thumbnails are visible. BUT, when I exit Photo Studio then access the same folder again, only the thumbnail placeholder icons are visible. Until I view one of the files.

    Any idea why this is happening and how I could fix it?

    I believe there is an issue with the copied database, because when I try to optimize it I get an error.

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    I fixed this issue by creating a new database, then importing the database copied to the USB drive from my other computer. Since the new database resided on my D: drive I had to specify a C: to D: drive mapping when prompted. Everything works like a charm now!