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Feature request: fix the compare functionality - it's why I cannot leave Lightroom

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  • Feature request: fix the compare functionality - it's why I cannot leave Lightroom

    I spent quite a bit of time trialling AcdSee Ultimate, with the intention of migrating away from Lightroom.
    However, one thing is keeping me from leaving Lightroom: the compare functionality. I had made another post here with all the detail and the screenshots, but, in summary:
    • keyboard shortcuts are disabled in the compare window; you cannot assign ratings labels etc via the keyboard
    • the compare window is fixed at full screen; I cannot use a second monitor nor enlarge the window across two monitors
    • you can compare only 4 images at a time
    • if you have 4 boxes and you remove 2 pictures, you are left with 4 boxes, 2 of which empty
    • if you then use the top button to set it to compare 2 images, you are left with the 2 empty boxes! And you have to manually move the remaining two pictures into those 2 empty boxes

    Why? I don't know if all of this is a bug or a "feature" but it is extremely dysfunctional, and it shouldn't be very hard to fix. How many lines of code is it to get keyboard shortcuts to work? As someone who spends a lot of time choosing one or two photos out of many similar ones (eg burst shooting, sports, animals, little kids and babies). Acdsee's way of doing things would cause me to waste a lot of time unnecessarily.
    Compare Acdsee's approach with Lightroom's "survey" functionality, or with how CaptureOne integrates the comparison of multiple images directly into its viewer

    It's a real shame, because, out of all the alternatives to Lightroom I have tried, Acdsee was by far the one I liked the most. Its DAM and cataloguing feature is so much better than CaptureOne (which doesn't even let you select multiple folders) and the edit mode means that, unlike with Lightroom, I have much less need to go back and forth with an external editor for the more advanced edits.