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  • Specific LR Import Question

    Good day all, I have installed Photo Studio Ultimate and would like to initiate my catalog but have a question first before I mess up my DB. I have looked for this specific situation but have failed to find it and the answer.

    I was running LR Classic on a MacBook Pro and my Catalog was on a Mac-only NAS. I have copied all of my files which are in a root folder called "Catalog" to an external drive, and then to my QNAP NAS which is where I want ACDSee to manage them. The folder structure under "Catalog" is the same as it was on the Mac NAS. What I want to do is import the LR information for the photos (if not all, at least keywords and ratings). The LR catalog will think that the catalog is on the Pegasus mounted drive and the new one is on a mapped network drive in Windows. How do I tell the imported LR catalog where the new starting point is for my "Catalog" folder where all the files are?

    Hope that makes sense, I tried to be detailed.