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Copied external drive folders to new internal drive. How to include in Catalog?

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  • Copied external drive folders to new internal drive. How to include in Catalog?

    I've just copied my main image library (approx. 74,000 images) from an external drive to a new internal drive. I was in the process of Cataloging the images on the external drive, so some have Keywords and Categories and some don't. I used ACDSee to copy the files to the new location. How can I get ACDSee to recognise the new image location and recognise the Catalog information embedded in the original image files?
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    According to the User Manual, not certain this is the right thing, but it's a start to look into:

    Mapping Drives for an Incoming Database

    If you are upgrading to ACDSee or are importing or restoring your ACDSee database, the Database Drive Mapping dialog displays how drive mappings (in the incoming database) will be re-established in the ACDSee database. You can use this dialog to change how each drive will be mapped in the database.

    To Select New Drive Mappings:

    1. In the Database Drive Mapping dialog, select a drive and do one of the following:
    To create a new drive map, select Create new database entry.
    To map the drive to a local drive, select a drive from the Local Drive drop-down list.

    2. Click Done.

    The other thing I'd look into is the Change Binding

    To Perform Database Maintenance:
    1. In Manage mode, click Tools | Database | Database Maintenance.
    2. In the Database Maintenance dialog box, browse for folders marked with the database content icons. If there are no marked folders, you do not need to perform database maintenance and can exit the Database Maintenance dialog box.
    3. Select a folder and click one of the following buttons to identify the maintenance you want to perform on that folder:
    Remove Thumbnails: removes all thumbnail information for the selected folder.
    Remove All DB Info: deletes all database and thumbnail information for the selected folder.

    Remove Orphan Folders: deletes any out-of-date or broken references to missing files or information for the selected folder. It is only possible to check for orphans in folders located on your computer. This option will not be visible if the folder is located on a network.
    Change Binding: changes all location references for the selected orphaned folder to another folder, and retains all database information. The default binding folder is My Pictures.
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