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Nik Collection 4 and ACDSee Ultimate

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  • Nik Collection 4 and ACDSee Ultimate

    DXO has just released Nik Collection 4 and the changes are that Silver Efex and Viveza have been rewritten from a new code base. The interface has changed. My testing has indicated that when either Silver Efex or Viveza are used as plugins in Edit mode of Ultimate, that the changes are not applied to the layer. In fact the History panel doesn't even show that anything has happened. Reading the DXO forums indicates that Capture One also has the same issue, so this doesn't appear to be something specific to Ultimate. However this does mean that the latest version of Silver Efex does not work in Ultimate. So my recommendation for any Ultimate users that use Silver Efex currently is not to upgrade to the latest version of Nik Collection until this is figured out. FYI the previous version of Viveza did not work either, so nothing has been lost here.

    As well both of these plugins open in a window behind ACDSee sometimes, so that can be annoying. Can't really reproduce the conditions when this happens.

    Anyone else experiencing the same behaviour with Nik Collection 4?

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    I have tried them (not bought) and yes I have the same issues.

    What it worse for me is that Viveza and Silver Efex do not work either when they are used as external editor, The tif file is not written at the end.

    i can understand that these plugins do not work anymore because I think ACDsee want an old photoshop plugin format, but I don’t understand that it do not work as external editor.


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      @ClaudeP: Yes I just tested Silver Efex as an external editor and experienced the same behaviour as you. That is odd behavour. The only workaround I can see is to open Silver Efex first then drag the file from ACDSee to Silver Efex. That works.