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    Now that ACDSee is busy cooking up Gemstone, I wonder if we'll see an Ultimate 2022 update. Any long time users have any thoughts from past release history?

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    Excellent question, Regor250.
    I did a short test of Gemstone.
    In my opinion, this version will coexist with Ultimate. Indeed, several tools are missing in Gemstone: HDR, actions to automate processing, geolocation on map,... According to some sources, it is unlikely that these functions will be in the final version.
    Moreover, the user testing phase has only just started and will take some time before being finalized.
    Wait and see...


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      It looks to me that ACDsee has introduced a stand alone image editor (Gemstone) for customers who don't want a DAM component. Perhaps marketing is also considering offering ACDsee DAM package as a stand alone package also (like the old days)? I would have been interested in a stand alone DAM package when I choose ACDsee Photo Studio to replace Adobe LR. At the time I already had a stand alone editor and was looking for a DAM package to replace Adobe Lightroom. My primary use of ACDsee Photo Studio is for asset management including metadata management. At least for now serious image editing is performed in my (linked) image editor. I like ACDsee Photo Editor very much, I'm just not as familiar with it (yet) and prefer my other editor as I have thousands of hours invested in it's use and it performs well. Thanks again to ACDsee folks for their software, so happy to have retired Adobe s/w from my workflow.

      I also hope ACDsee continues to support Photo Studio development.



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        I agree with you jeff100.
        I use primarly Ultimate for DAM as I have been using Photoshop Elements for a good 10 years and have a fairly good knowledge.
        When LR changed to subscription I went looking for a good DAM and settled on ACDSee Home.
        However the DAM is different in Home, Professionel and Ultimate with Ultimate the most advanced. I can't remember the exact differences.
        If ACDSee would release a DAM software package only similar to Ultimate, I'll be first in line with an order.



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          Originally posted by bwest View Post
          ....However the DAM is different in Home, Professionel and Ultimate with Ultimate the most advanced. I can't remember the exact differences.
          See here for comparison (select the various tabs for functionality)

          If ACDSee would release a DAM software package only similar to Ultimate, I'll be first in line with an order.
          I too originally started with what eventually became ACDSee Home version, and I used that basically for its DAM functionality, linked to various 3rd party developing and editing software packages. Eventually though I moved to Ultimate. I have Ultimate linked to my other developing and editing software, and I'm able to access my range of Topaz plugins directly from Edit mode, but over time I've changed to doing most of my processing in ACDSee, and I now use the other software only for a few things that Ultimate either can't currently do, or doesn't do as well. For me, the extra features in Ultimate are well worth the difference in cost.

          Whilst there have been changes and improvements between the different major versions of the three variants (Home, Pro, and Ultimate) I can't remember any significant differences in the DAM functionality I use between the Home and Ultimate versions of any specific year.


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            The various 2021 versions are currently sold at promotional prices (-70%). It is therefore likely that the release of the 2022 versions are imminent.
            Is this also your opinion?
            Last year, it was around September 22 or 23, if I remember correctly.


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              I have no idea when or even if there is to be a 2022 version of Ultimate. I'm still waiting on the Ultimate 2021 maintenance update that was supposed to come out in January 2021, but has yet to materialize.

              Whilst the discounted prices would probably be attractive for anyone who doesn't already have the product, I do find the current advertised pricing a bit strange. Ultimate 2021 with a "Free" Luxea 6 being thrown in is shown as full price $229.98 discounted to $69.95. I believe those are all $USA.

              The strange part is that the Home pack, which includes Ultimate 2021 (3 licences), Photo Studio for Mac 7 (3 licences), Luxea 6 (3 licences), and Video Converter Pro 5 (3 licences) is shown in the same page as having a full price of only $189, currently discounted to $89.95. (That "full price" is less than the "full price" being shown for Ultimate 2021) Perhaps I'm missing something.

              When/if a new version is released, I'll probably evaluate it, as I do with any new "pay for" software releases (what new features it offers that would actually benefit my workflow, whether the bugs I've reported in Ultimate 2021 have been fixed etc.


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                I think it is indeed American dollars.
                On the French site, the price for Ultimate 2021 + Luxea is 79,95 €, or about 94 $.
                I think there will be a 2022 version because in the past we have seen 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.Moreover, the site indicates "Clearance sale"...
                Like you, I will wait to see what the 2022 version brings before buying the upgrade.
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                  After over 15 years using AC pro/ulti, I doubt that we will see a free bug fix for AC Pro/Ulti 2021. Hey AC Systems proof me wrong!


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                    As a long time user, do you think we can expect the release of 2022 versions in the next weeks, or months?


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                      I'd guess we'll see AC 2022 between late September and Thanksgiving; International variants will be available for Christmas business - this timing will increase sales.
                      But what are you waiting for? New versions of AC have always been grab bags and imho best time for upgrades is July with its dumping prices. Also, at this time AC systems at least had the chance to fix major bugs.


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                        You're probably right.
                        Thanks for your advice.