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Can't assign Preset to Category

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  • Can't assign Preset to Category

    Ultimate 2021 Develop Mode Preset pane - Any particular reason why a new Preset assigned to the Black & White category won't show in that category but does in any other assigned category?

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    Can save to Black and White here, but took me a while to work it out

    When you have your settings as you want them:-

    1. In the Develop Presets in the right hand pane, select the Black and White "header"
    2. Right click and select Create preset
    3. At the bottom of the"Save Develop Settings Preset" dialog, enter a name for your preset then click on OK

    Now when you open the Black & White category, the preset should be there.


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      Tx Greyfox this is working indeed. This must be a bug that it doesn't work with Assign Category, I'll report it if still present in 2022 version coming out soon.


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        Still the same in 2022... I'll report it.


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          Originally posted by Regor250 View Post
          Still the same in 2022... I'll report it.
          When you create a Develop preset by simply clicking on the "plus" button, and give it a name, it does save it, but under the "All" category.
          If you want to save it under a specific category it seems to be you have to select the category and then use the right click menu option to save the preset into that category, and here that applies to all categories, not just Black and White, so I think the way it is working is possibly by design.

          And yes, it is the same in both 2021 and 2022 versions.


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            Greyfox, not certain I understand your last. Here what I do, I assigned the Vintage Preset to 2 categories.... it will not show up on B&W unless it was created in B&W (which is the first) but will show in any other categories.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	ACDSee Bug 1.jpg Views:	6 Size:	43.4 KB ID:	57348
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              OK, Now I understand, you are assigning an existing or previously created preset to more than one category, and yes I am able to reproduce that issue here in both Ultimate 2021 and Ultimate 2022. I can add a preset to for instance the Color Category, and then assign it to also be in any other category, but I can't assign it to the Black and White Category..(the tick indicates it should be there but it isn't.


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                Tx Greyfox for confirming, I'll create a bug report on it.


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                  Hi Regor250,

                  Thank you for reporting this issue. I can reproduce it myself and I've passed it on to the ACDSee Product Team for consideration in a future update or version.

                  Tristan H.
                  ACD Systems