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Acdsee Ultimate Generally (2019, 2020, 2021) and new 2022

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  • Acdsee Ultimate Generally (2019, 2020, 2021) and new 2022

    I am a long-time user of Acdsee software. The main uses I have for the software are the viewing of the thumbnails organising, minor editing including turning and cropping and batch resizing and renaming. Other than that, I don't really use the editing tools. The most important thing for me is that the software is fast.

    I have been getting increasingly frustrated with the software because it seems to be slowing down on every new release. I am running fast PCs, all of which are i7 or i9 processes, all with plenty of RAM and all with SSDs. There are really no other programs that run sluggish.

    I am running Dragon NaturallySpeaking professional individual 15. I think this might be part of the problem with the program because if I shutdown Dragon then it does speed up somewhat.

    I recently got an email for an upgrade offer for the new version. Whilst I probably don't really use all the new features I have of late been upgrading every year but this is really been in the hope of things improving and not getting slower. I have been bitterly disappointed when the last two times I have upgraded, the software seems to be going backwards. I have had tech support view the PC and they have witnessed the slowdown and in some cases the high CPU usage.

    To just check I am not going completely mad, I have this morning uninstalled ultimate 2021 on my main PC and have reinstalled ultimate 10, which I know is going back some time but is the last version I can remember which was really zippy all round. There does seem to be huge improvement in the overall speed, even with Dragon running.

    I am just wondering if anyone out experiencing the same as me. It would be good to get your thoughts and to find out whether you were upgrading to the new version was staying as you are.


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    I'm with you! I'm continuously using AC since at least Pro v2 and have tried and banned all versions since Pro v8!
    The issues with younger versions seem uncountable: sluggish, hanging on start up, crashes with and w/o "System error" message, refusing to catalogue >20.000 items in one run, broken GUI,
    broken batch rename, broken Filter function, . . . , even the simple screen shot function is blocked at times. The most import tool to run AC is the task manager, to kill AC if needed.

    But . . . it still is the fastest DAM I can find.


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      I have been using ACDSee, different versions, on a number of different PC's since 2013.

      My last upgrade, from 2020 Ultimate to 2021 Ultimate in September 2020 was concurrent with moving to a new PC.

      On the new PC, I certainly don't have any issues with performance, the improvement was significant.

      I also have not personally experienced what I would consider to be significant instability problems, but that is not to say I've haven't had the odd unexplained issue. .

      Ultimate 2021 is certainly not perfect, but then I've yet to find any complex software application that is. There are things it doesn't do as well as some other software, but equally there are things it does very well, which is why I continue to use it.

      I'm am not in the habit of pre-ordering software to get a small discount. That to me is like feeding money into a poker machine. I might win, but then again I might not.
      As I have done in the past with all the major applications I run, I will wait until the new version is released, and then I will trial it. I will be looking at whether some of the issues that have been reported for the current version (those that affect my own workflow) have been fixed. Whether there are improvements to any of the features I actually use, and whether any new features it might have would actually benefit my workflow. And after weighing up the pros and cons I will decide whether for me the cost of the upgrade is justifiable, or whether I should stay for the time being with my current version.


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        I have downloaded and trial of 2022 and on the face of it it looks identical to 2021 (although there must inevitably be changes behind the scene). I am still finding that there are performance issues, particularly when running Dragon software. They do seems to have sorted out a couple of issues in 2021, but this should have really been released as a fix to 2021. I am finding that with Acdsee in recent years the fixes and updates are far less frequent, once you have it that is that... all the bug fixes go into the new version.

        I have recently gone back to also using Infanview, which is much much faster than Acdsee and considering it is free offers far better value for money. It seems to do most of the things i need although the most common features i use are not quite to well laid out. However, speed is the most important thing to me. i still prefer Asdsee overall as a piece of software, but the functionality and speed of InfanView cannot be bettered.


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          Testing ACDSee Ultimate 2022 on Threadripper 3970X (32-core) with 128GB DDR4 RAM. So disappointed with the results, which are more less same as in case of version 2021.

          I use ACDSee as alternative of Lightroom and only in Develop Mode for jobs with many photos (like events) which I do not really need in photo catalogue. I hoped 2022 will speed up my workflow, unfortunately only fraction of CPU is used, same as 2021. GPU is not even touched in Develop Mode.

          I confirm that version 10 Ultimate GUI is more responsive than latest versions. I use it now and keep waiting for new better version which may not happen.

          Converting 400 RAWs to JPEGs is pain. One photo at a time and no full CPU load. Lightroom uses all 32 cores with 100% load!

          Resizing JPEGs for online gallery is another pain. Takes minutes. With XnConvert I can do the same in seconds!

          I presume the target audience of ACDSee are not professional photographers and rather enthusiasts. Using ACDSee I loose a lot of time waiting for GUI to refresh and when converting to JPEGs. Time is money.

          One additional note... The program is slightly more responsive when using RAM drive. However GUI refresh behavior is same when changing from photo to photo in Develop Mode.

          So... until version 2023


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            I am amazed that anyone would compare ACDSee Ultimate to IrfanView. They are not comparable software at all.
            Ultimate can do almost anything and it does it well most of the time. Even though Irfan is good, it doesn't have nearly as many tools. But perfection is not of this world, of course.
            My PC is not ultra powerful and yet I am not bothered by excessive slowness.
            It must be said that I am only a demanding amateur photographer and that my workflow is only important when I return from a trip...
            You are probably right when you say that some older versions were faster but did they offer the same possibilities as the newer versions? Personally, I can't say for sure because I've only been using it since version 2019.


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              Originally posted by Framon View Post
              I am amazed that anyone would compare ACDSee Ultimate to IrfanView. They are not comparable software at all.
              Thanks for the message and I would normally agree with you and I agree IrfanView is not as feature packed. However, the speed of the software for bulk resizing and renaming in particular is amazing and the software costs nothing. Something within Acdsee is slowing it down, even on a fast modern PC with graphics cards, RAM and SSDs. It is frustrating as i have been using the software for probably 15 years....

              Luckily for Acdsee, many of the tools are just not easily customised or accessible on any other software, so i keep purchasing it. Paint Shop Pro Ultimate comes close and may be even better for manipulation, but i am I guess more familiar with the Acdsee interface.


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                IrfanView should be quicker than ACDSee when it comes to simple tasks like renaming, as it doesn't have to write out the database records for each mage that are so necessary to an Asset Management system.

                Just our of interest, .I ran a batch "rename to copy" comparison using 115 images. Irfan View took 1.87 seconds, and ACSsee took 2.05 seconds.

                More importantly though, in amongst those images were a few RAW images, which had associated xmp files. irfan View treated the xmp files as separate files and thus broke the important relativity to their RAW images. If you don't use RAW images, or you don't want your Develop settings saved in xmp files, it may not matter, but for me, that would be a serious issue.

                Another problem I found with JPG images, is that whilst irfan View retained some of the the ACDSee metadata (Caption, Author, Notes, Label, and rating), but for some reason it did not retain the ACDSee keywords. Again something that those that are using ACDSee keywords as part of their management system should be aware.

                I also did a batch "resize to copy" comparison using 120 images, this time all JPG's, all 4912 x 3264px, and resized to 6000 x 3987px.
                irfan View took 48 seconds compared with ACDSee Ultimate 2022's 70 seconds..
                Again the irfan View copies retained the ACDSee metadata labels, ratings, Captions, Author, and Notes, but the ACDSee keywords were again lost, despite specifically having the options to keep the Exif, IPTC and XMP metadata all enabled)
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                  Thank you for your measurements and feedback.
                  It is true that the cohabitation of two photo processing softwares is never perfect. That's why I said I was surprised by this comparison.
                  It is possible of course to switch from one software to another when processing an image but you have to remember the limits as Greyfox says,
                  The differences in treatment time measured by Greyfox do not seem to me to be very significant. In any case for a modest lambda user...


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                    Thanks guys for all the comments and feedback. Regarding speed, i get significant problems... i am wondering if it is due to a number of things including my voice recognition software (Dragon Professional) running at the same time - there is significant improvement if this is not started. I am also wondering if the number of drives and network drives are causing an issue.


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                      mattgod69, I read what you said about your PC having sufficient processor speed and RAM. Is your graphics card dedicated? Perhaps an upgrade of your graphics card would speed things up for you??