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Editing images in ACDSee software

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  • Editing images in ACDSee software

    Editing images in ACDSee software destroys some of the images Who can help me
    Click image for larger version

Name:	תמונות.JPG
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    Is that the image itself, or just the thumbnail? You can re-generate thumbnails.


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      Well it's hard to conjecture how you might have achieved that on the information posted.
      Perhaps more information might help you get a constructive answer.

      Start by posting what version of ACDSee Ultimate you are using, and on what operating system (including version), and ideally then provide some details of the PC. Processor type, memory, graphics card type etc..

      Next some details of the images shown. Are they original ex camera JPGs or copies?.

      The icons on images IMG_9899 and IMG_9902 indicate they were both processed in Develop mode. From the half that can be seen of IMG_9899, it doesn't appear to have suffered the same problems as shown in the thumbnail of IMG_9902.

      Depending on how the current copy of IMG_9902 was saved, you may be able to recover the image by right clicking on its thumbnail in Manage mode and selecting Process then Restore to original.

      Have you compared the thumbnail of IMG_9902 with the View of that image, to determine whether it is the image that is corrupted, or just the thumbnail?.
      I am hard pressed to come up with any "editing" process in Develop Mode" method that could produce the vertical split image effect shown in the thumbnail of IMG_9902, or the displacement of part of the woman from the right side to the left side, other than a perhaps a corrupted save operation. That raises the question of where the saved image was written to. Is it a local hard drive, an external USB hard drive, a NAS, or somewhere else?. If other than a local hard drive (or local SSD), does the same issue occur if you save to a local hard drive or SSD.

      In terms of the color issue, you would need to post a step by step list of exactly what you did to the image in Develop mode.
      And that then brings us to this question. Will the exact same set of steps always produce the same result on other images in this group?