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    For the life of me, I can't figure out how to add a speech bubble to a photo. My high school class of '73 just had a reunion and unfortunately, I wasn't there as I live in Thailand. In the attached photo I was wanting to add a speech bubble next to the young girl that said this; Why do old people smell?

    Any suggestions as to where the button is?

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    Hello missoura,

    I found this information :

    but I can't find the Bubble Text checkbox.

    Somebdy to help us ?


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      This isn't current information. I don't see a "bubble text" option in the Text Layer in Ultimate. I think that the only option would be to draw a bubble (circle + polygon), and put text on it.

      Don't zoom-in when drawing, it's rather buggy and awkward I think. ACDSee really has to work on its drawing tools, not too user friendly IMO.
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        This is probably an option that existed in a previous version and has been removed.


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          Originally posted by Framon View Post
          This is probably an option that existed in a previous version and has been removed.
          I think is from an ACD Systems application called SeePlus or SeePlus DICOM.


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            Maybe... Thanks for the information.
            @missoura: it's also possible to download speech bubbles in PNG format from the Internet


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              Yep, the linked help file is outdated. The old text tool, was replaced with a new superior version that doesn't have this feature.
              1. In edit mode create a new image with transparent background
              2. Draw a speech bubble the way you like
              3. Save as PNG file
              4. Open your image
              5. Call "Add a file as a layer"
              6. Select the PNG file
              7. Rotate/mirror/stretch/move it as needed
              8. Call the text tool and add your text on top of your speech bubble
              9. Save your edited image
              Instead of creating an new PNG with the speech bubble you might find it easier to download one. There's plenty.
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                As these features have disappeared, we have other solutions.
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