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  • ACDSEE Ultimate 2022

    I am unable to import any images from a drive on my PC. I reverted to 2021 which operates normally. I just tried to cut and paste some images into a new folder in 2022 and this does not work either. Could this be because I have both 2021 and 2022 installed on my PC? I have never had any problem with running two versions before. I have Gold membership but am beginning to regret it if the latest version is as buggy as it seems to be

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    This seems the be an issue that should be anchored at the top of this forum. For some reason, 2022 gets intercepted by antivirus software. In my case I had to tell Avast Ransomeware module to ignore ACDSee Ultimate, then everything worked fine after that. Give it a try. There is an ACDSee article available on the subject, which link is provided in the other threads with similar issue.


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      It seems the problem is known :


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        Thankyou both. now I remember I may have had the same problem with ultimate 2021. Anyway I have added 2022 to the exceptions in Avast and will see how I get on. Thanks again