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    I'm trying to add captions to a bunch of photos before I export them as jpgs to post online for friends. I know I can add captions to each image based on the ACDSee caption metadata, but I want to place the captions against a uniform solid background color so that the captions are legible regardless of the underlying image -- something like the way captions appear on images in View mode. There should be a simple way to do this, but I sure haven't been able to find it. Any suggestions?



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    Try this (refer screen shot below).
    Batch edit, select item 12, text overlay
    In the Text overlay I've set the text to be taken from the ACDSee metadata Caption.
    The font is set to a specific type and size and is centered on the image
    The text box left, right and top are all set to automatic so the box is automatically sized to take the text.
    The distance up from the bottom is a fixed number of pixels.
    The box has a fixed color fill.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Batch Edit.jpg
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    You can select a group of images in manage mode and apply the batch edit.

    The only issue is that for the text size to look consistent, the images should be similar size.


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      Greyfox - - Excellent!!! This will do exactly what I want. I didn't know this batch edit function was available, and it sure isn't obvious from the ACDSee help file. Much appreciated . . .



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        I didn't know that trick, either. Greyfox, you are the best. The forum owes you a lot!
        Thank you for all you bring to the community!