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How to Create Collection with More Than One Keyword

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  • How to Create Collection with More Than One Keyword

    I’m a longtime Lightroom user that would LIKE to move to ACDSee after helping set it up for some family members who didnt want another monthly subscription with something like Lightroom. I have many collections in LR where I filter by keywords. For example, “Tom” & “Kelly” & “birthday”. When I try it in ACDsee, it seems to only want one keyword. What am I missing?

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    My understanding of ACDSee collections is that you add files to them, not keywords that are stored in the database. If all you want to do is filter all files assigned a number of keywords, simply select those keywords. Alternatively you can then select these files and add them to a collection as a one click find solution, but is somewhat redundant really. Using Collections make more sense if you wish to group a subset of the files assigned to particular keywords, and not all of them. There are also Smart Collections based on properties (including ACDSee metadata, with a single keyword field) too, which I am not familiar with, but I don't think works based on keywords.
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      Another thought, have you tried entering as a "keyword", several keywords as they would be recorded in the single "ACDSee metadata Keyword" field, which is what is being referred to here as opposed to the keywords stored in the database?


      I tried putting multiple keywords in the "keywords" field such as Tom,Kelly,birthday and that didn't work; too bad.
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        Originally posted by tomtcr View Post
        .. I have many collections in LR where I filter by keywords. For example, “Tom” & “Kelly” & “birthday”. When I try it in ACDsee, it seems to only want one keyword. What am I missing?
        "Collection" or "collections" can be generic terms, as in "my photo collection", or in the case of ACDSee it can refer to a specific type of grouping.
        I'm not sure exactly what it means in your post, but if you are referring to assigning images into a number of different ACDSee Collections, then my advice would be to consider whether using ACDSee Categories would not be a better choice in the long run. Both Categories and Collections support hierarchy, but at the moment ACDSee cannot correctly reconstruct multi-level collections from metadata embedded in images, where as it can correctly reconstruct multi-level Categories. See

        Quite aside from whether you assign images to Collections or Categories, individual images can have multiple ACDSee keywords assigned to them from the Properties Organize tab,

        With ACDSee keywords, in Manage Mode's Catalog Tab, in the Keywords can set the option to either "Match All" or "Match Any", and you can either select a single keyword, or multiple keywords (by holding down the Ctrl key whilst making the selection)

        So it seems to me that you can probably achieve the selection arrangement from your post simply by using ACDSee keywords and the Manage mode Catalog tab. That doesn't preclude you from also assigning images to either Categories or Collections.

        If you do use Collections or Categories, the selection might be a bit different, for instance if you had many images assigned to a Category of "Birthday Parties" but you only wanted to display those where both "Tom" and "Kelly" were in the photos, then you could select both "Tom" and "Kelly" from Catalog>Keywords, with the option set to "Match All", and then filter the display from Filter>Categories to "Birthday Parties". But you could achieve the same thing by assigning the keyword "Birthday Parties" to all of the images, and then selecting "Tom", "Cathy" and "Birthday Parties" from the keyword selection.
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